Find out how much disk space I have left?

ApplicationsUtilitiesDisk Utilityselect hard drive or partition (e.g., Macintosh HD)click on the Info button in the toolbar

Launch the Finder and look in the status bar at the bottom of the window. You will see something that says how many items are in that directory, and how much space is available on your hard drive.

Finderselect the hard drive icon in the Sidebarselect FileGet Info (-I).

Issue the df -m command in the Terminal to display disk usage in megabytes.

Find out whether a drive is formatted with HFS?

ApplicationsUtilitiesDisk Utilityselect the drive or partitionclick on the Info button in the toolbar (look for the “IO Content” item in the Info list)

Create a disk image?

To create a disk image, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Disk Utility (/Application/Utilities).

  2. In the menu bar, select ImagesNewBlank Image, or click on the New Image button in Disk Utility’s toolbar.

  3. In the Save As field, enter a name for the disk image.

  4. From the Where pop-up menu, select the location where you’d like to save the disk image.

  5. Set the Size, Encryption method, and Format from their respective pop-up menus.

  6. Click the Save button to create the disk image; the dial image file (with a .dmg file extension) will be saved in the location you selected, and the image itself will be mounted on your desktop.

  7. Double-click on the disk image to open its ...

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