Chapter 9. Playing Music and Videos

Who needs a CD player, radio, DVD player, or TV when you have a Mac? The Mac OS's capability to become an entertainment center is simply amazing, thanks to its support of audio and video formats and to the iTunes and DVD Player software that come with the Mac. Sure, you'll likely still have a traditional home entertainment center in your living room, but your Mac can handle the job in the other rooms of your house — and in dorm rooms, small apartments, and other quarters, it can be your home entertainment center if you attach a large-enough monitor and good speakers to it.

Everyone knows that Apple revolutionized the music industry with its iPod. But it's actually iTunes that makes the iPod revolution possible. iTunes is not just the Mac's built-in music player but also its built-in radio and podcast player. It's also your direct connection to buying music, TV shows, and movies that you play back on your Mac. Plus it enables you to manage all your media for both your ...

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