Configuring Clients with Profile Manager

Profile Manager is one of the most useful new features introduced with Lion Server. It's an automated way to conFigure Ccount settings on Macs running Lion, as well as iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. Profile Manager sets up the client devices for services running on Lion Server, adding configuration information about e-mail and virtual private networks (VPN), as well as other services, including non-Apple technologies, such as Microsoft Exchange Server. You can create profiles for all users, as well for specific users, for groups, or for certain devices.

Lion Server provides three places where this happens:

  • The Server app, where you turn on Profile Manager service. The Server app automatically pulls together basic user configuration information for client access to the services.
  • The Profile Manager web app is where you edit the default configuration profile and create others for specific users, groups, or devices. The Profile Manager web app also pushes settings and invitations to enroll to users. The web interface is automatically created by Lion Server's web and wiki services.
  • The My Devices user web portal, a unique web interface for each user with accounts in the shared directory. Users do two things with the web portal:
    • • Download settings profiles to their Lion Macs and iOS devices.
    • • Enroll devices in the Profile Manager service. Once devices are enrolled, configurations and changes to configuration will be automatically pushed ...

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