Chapter 1. Exploring MacBook Basics

In This Chapter

  • Comparing MacBooks to desktop Macs

  • Deciding on a laptop

  • Identifying the external parts of your Mac laptop

  • Understanding the important hidden components

Most of my readers who pick up this book are already MacBook owners, happy with their mobile Mac and yearning to know more about how it works and how to use it. Folks, I salute you, but I'll be honest: You don't really need to read the first part of this chapter! You've already made your decision betwixt laptop and desktop.

It's true, however, that not every computer owner needs a laptop. (I'm no heretic — just pointing out that mobility isn't of primary importance to many people.) Because laptops are generally more expensive than desktop systems of similar power and capabilities, you should consider a laptop only if you really need the unique features it offers.

If you haven't yet made up your mind about whether to replace your desktop computer with a laptop — or whether you need to add a MacBook to your present collection of desktop computers — then this chapter is especially for you. I compare laptop and desktop configurations, and ask you the three important questions you should consider before making the decision to buy a MacBook. Next, I give you a quick tour of the basics of a MacBook.

"One Uses a Battery!"

That's a quote from one of my family members — I won't say who — concerning the main difference between my MacBook laptop and my iMac desktop. And you know, many Mac owners would ...

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