Chapter 3. Setting Up and Taking Care of Your MacBook

In This Chapter

  • Locating the right home for your computer

  • Plugging in stuff and getting hooked up

  • Starting the beast for the first time

  • Handling your MacBook properly

  • Cleaning your portable powerhouse

  • Recharging and maintaining your battery

Configuration is not a dirty word. In fact, this chapter contains a set of procedures that are a snap to learn: unpacking your new MacBook; finding just the right place to park it (when you're not scampering around the world, that is); and connecting sundry cables. Oh, and don't forget starting up your MacBook. I wouldn't leave out the best part!

Nor would I leave out a really important aspect of owning a MacBook — that is, taking care of it. Although laptops are meant for the road, they still need regular maintenance (especially the battery, screen, and keyboard).

Location, Location, Location!

If you choose the wrong spot to park your new laptop, I can guarantee that you'll regret it. Some domiciles and office cubicles don't offer a choice — you have one desk at work, for example, and nobody's going to hand over another one — but if you can select a home for your MacBook, consider the important placement points in this section:

  • Tip

    Keep things cool. Your new laptop is silent, but that super fast Intel Core 2 Duo processor generates heat. Make sure the location you choose is far from heating vents and shielded from direct sunlight. I also recommend a laptop cooling pad, which elevates the base of your ...

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