Chapter 12

The Multimedia Joy of iTunes

In This Chapter

arrow Playing music with your MacBook

arrow Arranging and organizing your music collection

arrow Tuning into the world with Internet radio

arrow Sharing your songs across a network

arrow Creating eye candy with Visualizer

arrow Buying the good stuff from the iTunes Store

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. iTunes is that kind of perfection.

To envision how iTunes changes your laptop, you have to paint the picture with music — music that’s easy to play, search for, and transfer from device to device. Whether it be classical, alternative, jazz, rock, hip-hop, or folk, I guarantee you won’t find a better application than iTunes to fill your life with music. And podcasts. And video. And TV shows. And online education. And Internet radio. (See how hard it is to pin down this wonderful application? Along with your MacBook, iTunes really does form the hub of your digital ...

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