Chapter 1. How Can I Use My Desktop Space Efficiently?

How Can I Use My Desktop Space Efficiently?

Your MacBook desktop is the area that is displayed on its screen. Although the size of the screen is fixed, you can maximize the size of your desktop on that screen. Like a physical desktop, you place things (in this case, windows) "on top" to focus your attention on them and use their content. As you work, your desktop naturally becomes cluttered with windows for applications, documents, and system tools. Keeping control of all these windows can help you make the most of your MacBook's desktop space. The good news is that it's a lot easier to keep your MacBook desktop neat and tidy than it is a real desktop, and you don't even need a dust rag.

Maximizing Desktop Space

Setting Desktop Preferences

Working with the Dock

Working with the Sidebar and Toolbar

Working with Exposé

Working with Spaces

Working with the Dashboard

Maximizing Desktop Space

MacBooks have a 13-inch display. This is a good size for portability, but more display space is always better for maximum efficiency while you work. Fortunately, you can maximize the amount of information you see on your MacBook's screen by configuring its display. For even more working room, you can attach and use an external display. For the ultimate in desktop space, you can connect your MacBook to a projector. When you are using an external display or projector, you can have the same image displayed ...

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