Chapter 7. How Can I Go Beyond Email Basics with Mail?

How Can I Go Beyond Email Basics with Mail?

Email just might be one of the most powerful and convenient forms of communication ever. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but email is definitely convenient for both sender and receiver because it can be sent and read according to their schedules. And email doesn't interrupt people; it waits patiently in their Inboxes until they have a chance to get to it. The Mac OS X Mail application is quite powerful, and you've probably already used it to send and receive email. This chapter builds on those basic skills to show you how to go farther with your email in Mail.

Configuring Email Accounts

Working with File Attachments

Organizing Email

Using the Junk Mail Tool in Mail

Automatically Managing Email with Rules

Working with RSS Feeds

Configuring Email Accounts

One of Mail's benefits is that you can configure many email accounts in it and easily work with all or just one of those accounts at any point in time. There are many kinds of email accounts with which Mail can work, including the following:

  • MobileMe. If you have a MobileMe account, you also have a MobileMe email account. This is convenient because you can use Mail to access your email, or you can use the MobileMe Web site to work with it almost as easily (see figure 7.1).

    A MobileMe email account has a lot of benefits, including being able to access your email within Mail or on the Web.

    Figure 7.1. A ...

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