Machine Learning for Android App development Using ML Kit

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Add intelligent features to your Android apps with ML Kit

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  • Hands-on exercises in identifying various vulnerabilities.
  • Bring the power of machine learning into your smart mobile apps with a whole new user experience.
  • Build exciting machine learning features, deploy them on the cloud, and try them out with other test objects.
  • Use the amazing features provided by ML Kit to go into the real-world and create your own app.

In Detail

It's crazy to see how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are moving so fast and becoming the next big thing. The focus is on putting AI and Machine Learning into people's hands in their daily lives by bringing it to their mobile devices.

ML Kit makes it easy to apply ML techniques to your apps by bringing Google's ML technologies together in a single SDK. With ML Kit you can have features such as text recognition, face recognition, barcode scanning, image labeling, and landmark recognition at your fingertips in your apps. In this course, you are going to implement all these features in your Android applications using ML Kit.

After completing this course, you will be confident enough to build Android applications equipped with in-built Machine Learning features, providing an amazing user experience. You will be able to go into the world and create your own useful Machine Learning apps using ML Kit.

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  • Title: Machine Learning for Android App development Using ML Kit
  • Author(s): Yusuf Saber
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789539875