Classifying data with the Naïve Bayes classifier

The Naïve Bayes classifier is also a probability-based classifier, which is based on applying the Bayes theorem with a strong independent assumption. In this recipe, we will introduce how to classify data with the Naïve Bayes classifier.

Getting ready

You need to have the first recipe completed by generating training and testing datasets.

How to do it...

Perform the following steps to classify the churn data with the Naïve Bayes classifier:

  1. Load the e1071 library and employ the naiveBayes function to build the classifier:
    > library(e1071) 
    > classifier=naiveBayes(trainset[, !names(trainset) %in% c("churn")], trainset$churn)
  2. Type classifier to examine the function call, a-priori probability, and conditional ...

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