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Macintosh Bible, 8th Edition, The

Book Description

The original and much-imitated Macintosh Bible has undergone a complete rehaul--and returned to its roots. The Macintosh Bible, Eighth Edition is the most comprehensive volume ever, and like the original, was written by a group of Macintosh community leaders, each an expert in his or her subject.

Fully updated to cover Mac OS 9 and X, The Macintosh Bible, Eighth Edition exhaustively covers the spectrum of Macintosh computing. This all-in-one reference is everything to everyone: Beginners will appreciate the clearly organized, matter-of-fact approach, and veteran Mac users will find new tips, shortcuts, and tidbits of Mac trivia in every chapter. The Mac has changed a lot in the two years since the last edition, and this one fills all the gaps, with sections on the latest iMacs, iBooks, and G4s; iMovie, desktop video, and other multimedia; new developments in the Internet and the Web; USB and FireWire; and more. It's a must-have addition to any Mac library.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Timeline
  3. Introduction
  4. Looking at the Mac
    1. Working with Your Mac
      1. The Macintosh Desktop (DR)
      2. The Varied and Wonderful Pointer
      3. Mac OS Desktop Elements
      4. Working with Icons
      5. Working with Windows
      6. Menus and Dialog Boxes
      7. Beyond the Desktop
      8. Finder Tips
    2. The Macintosh Family
      1. Mac Innards (DM)
      2. The Ages of the Desktop Macintosh (DM)
      3. The iMac: Back in Fashion (CB)
      4. PowerBooks: Macintosh to Go (JOG)
      5. Early PowerBook Models
      6. The PowerBook G3
      7. The PowerBook G4
      8. The iBook
      9. Upgrades (MB)
    3. System Software
      1. The Operating System
      2. The System Folder in Mac OS 9 and Earlier
      3. Mac OS X System Folder
      4. AppleScript
      5. Sherlock
      6. QuickTime
    4. Memory
      1. The Types of Memory
      2. The RAM Disk
      3. RAM Memory Types
      4. Pre-PowerPC G3 Mac Memory Tips
      5. Apple's RAM Installation Guides
      6. Memory-Buying Tips
      7. Precautions for Handling Memory
    5. Storage
      1. Hard Disks (JC)
      2. Hard-Disk Buyers' Guide (JC)
      3. Backup Devices and Removable Storage
    6. Printing
      1. QuickDraw: Type and Graphics Unite! (BW)
      2. What Happens When You Hit Print (BW)
      3. Getting Your Printer Wired (BW)
      4. The Ins and Outs of the Chooser (BW)
      5. Desktop Printing in Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 (BW)
      6. Setting Up Your Pages (BW)
      7. Hitting the Print Button (Finally!) (BW)
      8. Printing to Disk (BW)
      9. Managing Printer Fonts (BW)
      10. Printer Talk (BW)
      11. Printer Types (BW)
      12. Troubleshooting: When Bad Things Happen to Good Pages (JF)
      13. Care and Feeding of Your Printer (JF)
    7. Peripherals
      1. Peripheral Connections: Getting on the Right Bus
      2. Of Keyboards, Mice, and More
      3. Monitors and LCD Displays
      4. Scanners and Tablets
      5. Audio-Visual Peripherals
    8. Prevention and Troubleshooting
      1. Prevention: Keeping Your Mac Happy
      2. Troubleshooting
      3. Effective Troubleshooting
      4. Common Problems and Solutions
      5. Ask the Experts
  5. Getting Productive
    1. Word Processing
      1. Getting Started
      2. Working with Text
      3. Styling the Document
      4. Structure and Organization
      5. Using Tools
      6. Word Processors
      7. Tools
    2. Spreadsheets
      1. What Is a Spreadsheet?
      2. Using Spreadsheets (ML/CB)
      3. Tips (ML/EC/CB/SA/EG/DC)
    3. Databases
      1. What Is a Database Program?
      2. Choosing a Database Program
      3. Database Tips and Techniques
    4. Personal and Business Management
      1. Integrated Software
      2. Personal and Small-Business Finance
      3. Statistics
      4. Other Business Applications
    5. Utilities
      1. Screensavers
      2. Macro Software for the New Millennium
      3. Disk-Repair Programs
      4. Compression Programs
      5. The Ultimate Extensions Manager
      6. Backup Software
      7. Virus Software Profiled
      8. Surveying Security Software
      9. The Obligatory ResEdit Section
      10. File Launchers
      11. Some Cool (or at Least Useful) Utilities
  6. Getting Creative
    1. Graphics
      1. Bitmapped Graphics
      2. Painting and Drawing in AppleWorks
    2. Web and HTML Design
      1. The One-Two-Three Process for Building Web Pages
      2. An Overview of HTML Editors: The Key Players
      3. Other Web Tools of the Trade
      4. A Very Short Course on HTML
      5. Commonsense Tips for a Good-Looking Web Site
    3. Multimedia
      1. Multimedia Defined (More or Less)
      2. Audio Fundamentals
      3. Video Fundamentals
      4. Animation
      5. Graphics
      6. Text Is a Medium, Too
      7. Some Assembly Required
    4. Page Layout
      1. Page Layout and Desktop Publishing (KT)
      2. Surveying the Field (KT)
      3. The New Big Three: QuarkXPress, PageMaker, and InDesign (PG/KT)
      4. High-Powered Specialists (KT)
      5. Other Possibilities (KT)
      6. Fixing the Dreadful Defaults (PG/KT)
    5. Fonts
      1. The ABCs of Fonts and Typefaces (JF)
      2. How Fonts Work
      3. Font Formats
      4. Fonts: How to Use 'Em
      5. Fonts and Printing
      6. Finding the Characters You Need
      7. How to Talk Type
      8. Managing Fonts
      9. Troubleshooting
      10. Typesetting Tips
      11. Enhancing Type
      12. How to Buy Fonts
      13. Where to Buy Fonts
      14. Building Your Typeface Library (EF)
    6. Fun!
      1. About Mac Gaming
      2. Game Titles
      3. Hardware (GK)
  7. Extending Your Reach
    1. Networking
      1. Networking in a Mac: A Primer
      2. Wires and Wireless: Setting Up Network Media
      3. Setting Up AppleTalk and TCP/IP
      4. The Lowdown on TCP/IP
      5. Built-in File Sharing and Web Services
    2. The Internet
      1. Getting Connected (TM)
      2. Using Your Browser (AD)
      3. E-mail (PS)
      4. The Macintosh Advantage (JO)
      5. FTP (JH)
      6. Usenet (TA)
      7. Chatting/Conferencing (JO)
      8. Where to Visit (AD)
      9. Honors Internet (JO)
    3. Cross-Platform Compatibility
      1. Working with Files
      2. Sharing Disks
      3. Networking Macs and PCs
      4. Running Windows on Your Mac
    4. Buying Macs
      1. A Short History Lesson
      2. Understanding Your Needs
      3. So Which Mac Is Right for You?
      4. Buying a Used Mac
      5. Where to Shop
      6. Short Shopping Tips
  8. Glossary
    1. Numeric
    2. A
    3. B
    4. C
    5. D
    6. E
    7. F
    8. G
    9. H
    10. I
    11. J
    12. K
    13. M
    14. N
    15. O
    16. P
    17. Q
    18. R
    19. S
    20. T
    21. U
    22. V
    23. W
    24. Z