Chapter 7

Opening and Saving Files


Bullet Finding files

Bullet Checking out the macOS folder structure

Bullet Saving your document before it’s too late

Bullet Opening icons

This might be the most important chapter in this book. If you don’t understand how to open and save files by using the Open dialog and Save sheets or how to use the file and folder system, you’ll have a heck of a time finding, opening, or saving files.

Technical stuff A sheet is nothing more than a dialog that is attached to a document window’s title bar and can’t be moved. Some apps use sheets, other apps use dialogs, but either way you’ll see the same options.

This chapter is a tonic for finding the file or folder you want. Knowing where your files are is something every Mac user should grok (fully understand). Hang with me and pay attention; everything will soon become crystal clear.

Later in the chapter, I look at using Open dialogs and Save sheets within applications to find files and folders. You see them only after you launch a program ...

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