Chapter 22

Utility Chest


check Crunching numbers with Calculator

check Plumbing High Sierra’s innards

check Doing much, much more …

macOS High Sierra comes with a plethora of useful utilities that make using your computer more pleasant or make you more productive when you use your computer or both. In this chapter, I give you a glimpse of the ones that aren’t covered elsewhere in this book.

The first item, Calculator, is in your Applications folder; all the other items in this chapter are in your Utilities folder, inside your Applications folder (or use the Utilities folder’s keyboard shortcut, ⌘  +Shift+U).


image Need to do some quick math? The Calculator application gives you a simple calculator with all the basic number-crunching functions found in a pocket calculator. To use it, you can either click the keys with the mouse or type numbers and operators (math symbols such as +, –, and =) using the number keys on your keyboard (or numeric keypad, if you have one). Calculator also offers a paper tape (Window  ⇒  Show Paper Tape) to track your computations — and, if you want, ...

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