Chapter 6

Having It Your Way


Bullet Making it just the way you like it with System Preferences

Bullet Beautifying your Mojave with a desktop background and screen saver

Bullet Working with those wonderful dashboard widgets

Bullet Customizing hardware and keyboard shortcuts

Bullet Setting up for superb sound

Everyone works a bit differently, and everyone likes to use the Mac in a particular way. In this chapter, you find out how to tweak various options so everything is just the way you like it. The first things many people like to do are set their background and screen saver to something more interesting. You can begin with that stuff, but keep in mind that you can do much more.

You can change the colors in windows, the standard font, and more if you like. Your Mac lets you choose how onscreen elements behave and how your hardware — such as the keyboard, mouse, and wireless Bluetooth gadgets — interact with your Mac.

Introducing System Preferences

You should start by becoming familiar with System ...

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