Chapter 19

The Musical Mac


Bullet Understanding Apple Music and iTunes Match

Bullet Using iTunes

Bullet Working with media

Bullet Playing with playlists

A long time ago, before the iPod and the iTunes Store were even born, iTunes was a program that stored, managed, and played your MP3 music files. Over the ensuing years, it has grown into much more. In fact, many (including yours truly) feel it has grown into a bloated monstrosity barely resembling the iTunes we knew and loved.

In Mojave, iTunes continues to manage much more than music. And if you use devices such as an iPod, Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone, iTunes is also the application you use to manage (sync) your music, as well as videos, TV shows, podcasts, and more.

In other words, the anachronistically named iTunes is what you use to manage audio, video, and podcast files on your disk drive. If you have an iDevice or Apple TV, it’s also what you use to sync files to iDevices and Apple TVs.

Oh yeah, and it's still a music player.

Entire books have been dedicated to iTunes. (I once wrote one called The Little iTunes Book, which is now out of ...

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