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Macromedia FLASH Professional 8: Training from the Source

Book Description

Offering breakthrough video capabilities and powerful run-time effects, Macromedia Flash Professional 8 is poised to upend the Web video market, posing a serious challenge to Microsoft, RealNetworks, and Apple’s efforts in the process. Here to make sure you’re ready for it–and can start taking advantage of its creative tools, authoring power, flexibility, and rich video capabilities immediately–is the official Macromedia training for the program. Through 20-plus hours of project-based instruction, you’ll learn how to program for the enhanced Flash Player; use ActionScript to create dynamic interactivity; take advantage of new Flash 8 features like the improved script editor (which includes a visual interface), revamped library interface, and new Undo feature; and more. Simple step-by-step instructions peppered with plenty of visual aids and a CD that includes lesson files and a trial version of Flash Professional 8 leave you with a solid understanding of Flash development and the techniques required to tap your creative potential by producing dynamic, interactive content.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Credits
  3. Bios
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. Introduction
    1. Prerequisites
    2. Outline
    3. Macromedia Training from the Source
    4. Macromedia Authorized Training and Certification
    5. What You Will Learn in This Book
    6. Minimum System Requirements
  6. 1. Learning the Flash Interface
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Creating a Flash Document
    5. Setting Preferences
    6. Manipulating Panels
    7. Expanding the Pasteboard
    8. Using the Tools Panel
    9. Object Drawing Mode
    10. Text in Flash Professional 8
    11. Anti-Aliasing Text
    12. Publishing a Flash Document
    13. Adding Flash Player Version Detection
    14. Creating a Flash Project
    15. Version Control
    16. What You Have Learned
  7. 2. ActionScript Basics
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Introducing ActionScript 2.0
      1. Terminology Fundamentals
    5. Using the Actions Panel
    6. Using Script Assist Mode
      1. Using the Script Assist Mode to Create a Small Application
    7. Strict Data Typing and Code Hints
      1. Using Strict Data Typing
      2. Using Code Hinting in the Actions Panel
    8. The Basics of Classes, Methods, and Properties
    9. Scope
      1. Local Variables
      2. Global Variables
      3. Timeline Variables
      4. Moving Between Timelines and Levels
    10. Using LoadVars() to Access External Data
    11. Using Events, Handlers, and Listeners
      1. Adding a Listener to the Button component
    12. What You Have Learned
  8. 3. Graphics in Flash
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Vectors and Bitmaps
      1. Drawing and Editing a Simple Vector Shape in Flash
    5. Manipulating Objects on the Stage
      1. Applying a Mask in Flash
    6. Aligning Graphics to the Stage and to Each Other
    7. Building a Slide Show Interface
      1. Adding Custom Colors to Flash
      2. Importing Vectors and Bitmaps into Flash
    8. Constructing the Slide Show Interface
      1. Using Gradients
      2. Using Grids, Guides, Rulers and Snapping in Flash
    9. Adding Interactivity to the Slide Show
      1. Coding the Navigation
    10. Using ActionScript to Create the Slide Show
    11. What You Have Learned
  9. 4. Text in Flash
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Using the Text Tool
      1. Choosing between Static Text and Device Fonts
    5. Adding Text to a Document
    6. Creating Text-based Motion Graphics
      1. Putting Things “In Motion”
    7. Spell Checking a Document
    8. Text Effects in Flash
      1. Adding a Filter to Text
      2. Creating a Text Mask
      3. Preparing Letters for Animation
    9. Adding Text using ActionScript
    10. Using the TextArea Component
    11. Styling Text in the TextArea Component
    12. What You Have Learned
  10. 5. Using Audio in Flash
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Flash and the Import Formats
      1. Bit Depth and Sample Rates
      2. Audio Codecs and Compression
      3. The MP3 Format
      4. Audio In/Audio Out
    5. Importing Sound into Flash
    6. Event versus Streaming Sound
    7. Controlling Audio
      1. Controlling Sound through the Use of a Sound Object
      2. Controlling the Pan and Volume of a Sound Using the Flash Buttons
      3. Using Buttons to Play Multiple Sounds
    8. Using Sound to Provide User Feedback
    9. Adding Sound to an Animation
    10. What You Have Learned
  11. 6. Creating Animation
    1. What You Will Learn
      1. Approximate Time
    2. Lesson Files
    3. Tweening: The Basics of Motion
    4. Shape Tweening
    5. Motion Tweening
    6. Hinge Animation
    7. Easing In and Easing Out
    8. Using Custom Ease In and Ease Out
    9. Creating Motion Using the Blur Filter
    10. Creating an Animated Drop Shadow
    11. Tweening Filter Effects
    12. Creating a Frame-by-Frame Animation
    13. Animating Color Changes
    14. Tweening Filters and Blends
    15. Bitmap Caching Movie Clip and Button Symbols
    16. Programmatic Animation
    17. Simulating Movement
    18. Cursor-based Animations
    19. What You Have Learned
  12. 7. Creating Flash video
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Using Video in Flash
    5. Using the Flash Video Encoder Wizard
    6. Using the Flash 8 Video Encoder and the Advanced Settings
    7. Creating a Video using the FLVPlayback Component
    8. Creating a Video using the MediaPlayback Component for Flash Player 6/7
    9. Using the FLV Custom UI Components to Control the FLVPlayback Component
    10. What You Have Learned
  13. 8. Building a Custom Flash Video Player
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Streaming Video
    5. Creating a Video Object
    6. Connecting Flash Player 8 to a Web Server
    7. Adding Playback Controls
    8. Playing Multiple Videos
    9. Using the TransitionManager Class to Fade in Video
    10. What You Have Learned
  14. 9. Manipulating Video
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. FLV Files and Video Alpha Channels
      1. Using the FLVPlayback Component
    5. Using Cue Points in a Video to Trigger Events in Flash
      1. Adding Scripted Cue Points
      2. Adding Cue Points to a FLV File
    6. Filters, Blends, and Flash Video
    7. Other Video Filters
    8. Using Your Web Cam in Flash Professional 8
    9. Playing Video on Video
    10. Fun with the Flash Camera Object: A Video Wall
      1. Preparing the Assets
      2. Pulling It All Together
    11. What You Have Learned
  15. 10. Communication Server: Audio and Video
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Overview of the Flash Communication Server
      1. Getting Started
      2. Turning the FlashComm Server On and Off
    5. Creating a Streaming Video Application
    6. Controlling and Playing Multiple Movies with FlashComm Server
    7. Streaming MP3 Files
    8. What You Have Learned
  16. 11. Using Dynamic Data
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Introduction to Dynamic Data
    5. XML and Flash
      1. Creating a New XML Object in Flash
    6. Parsing XML: Creating a Slide Show
      1. Using the XMLConnector Component
    7. Using a Local Shared Object
    8. What You Have Learned
  17. 12. Going Mobile with Flash Professional 8
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Flash and Devices
    5. Creating a Movie for a Device
    6. Building an Application for a Cell Phone
      1. Creating the Navigation Screen
    7. Creating a Windows Mobile Application
    8. What You Have Learned
  18. 13. Publishing a Flash Movie
    1. What You Will Learn
    2. Approximate Time
    3. Lesson Files
    4. Publishing a SWF file
    5. Bandwidth Profiler
    6. Detecting the Flash Player
    7. Embedding a SWF File in a Dreamweaver 8 Page
    8. Wrapping it all up
    9. What You Have Learned
  19. A. Keyboard Shortcuts
  20. B. Getting Help: The Flash Community
    1. Macromedia Flash Professional 8: Training From the Source
      1. Book Site: www.tomontheweb3.ca
    2. Tutorial and Resource Sites
      1. CommunityMX: www.communityMX.com
      2. Brendan Dawes: www.brendandawes.com
      3. Flash MX: www.flash-mx.com
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      23. FlashGuru: www.flashguru.co.uk
    3. Forums and Lists
      1. CommunityMX: www.communitymx.com
      2. Macromedia Web Forums: http://webforums.macromedia.com/flash/
      3. Were Here: www.were-here.com
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    4. Macromedia.com
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    5. Macromedia Press Books