Chapter 6

Getting Down to the Fun Stuff

In This Chapter

arrow Setting up e-mail accounts

arrow Browsing with Safari

arrow Touring the iTunes jukebox

arrow Getting pictures into your Mac

arrow Touching up photos

arrow Sharing your pictures

In this chapter, you find out how to have fun with your Mac. You set up an e-mail account with Mac’s Mail program and use the built-in Safari Web browser to find information and music on the Web. You also discover how Apple’s convenient iTunes online store can help you find, download, and manage your music, and you see how the Mac’s iPhoto software enables you to easily transfer your digital photos to your Mac and then touch them up like a professional!

Setting Up an E-Mail Account

Sending and reading e-mail through the Mac’s Mail program is a breeze, once you set it up. And Mail setup has become simpler in Snow Leopard. I list several steps in this section, but if you’re setting up ...

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