Macs Translated For PC Users

Book description

Macs Translated for PC Users teaches lifelong, hardwired PC users how to accomplish on their new Macs all the things they instinctively know how to do on their PCs. This book is different from the many "Migrating to a Mac" books on the market, taking a similar to how a French phrase book gives English-speaking travelers what they don't know (French Phrases) in the context of what they do know (English phrases) rather than attempt to teach them an entirely new language. Rather than teach PC users how to acclimate themselves to a foreign piece of hardware with an entirely different operating system, Macs Translated for PC Users simply looks at all the tasks and shortcuts that PC users are familiar with and translates them so that readers know what to do on their Macs.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
  7. 1 Keyboards, Mice, and More
    1. Keyboard Layout Differences
    2. Common Keyboard Shortcuts
    3. Mouse Differences
    4. Navigating with a Trackpad
  8. 2 First Glance at the Desktop
    1. The Lay of the Land
    2. Explorer = Finder
    3. Start Menu and Taskbar = Apple Menu, Menu Bar, and Dock
    4. Notification Area Icons = Menu Extras
    5. Gadgets = Widgets
    6. Control Panels = System Preferences
    7. Finding Where Your “Stuff” Is Stored
  9. 3 Translating Common Explorer Tasks
    1. Creating New Folders
    2. Launching Applications
    3. Searching for Items
    4. Taking Screenshots
    5. Using Removable Media
    6. Taking Out the Trash
    7. Shutting Down, Restarting, and Sleeping
    8. Viewing Information About an Item
  10. 4 Customizing Your Experience
    1. Changing Your Desktop Picture
    2. Selecting a Screen Saver
    3. Changing the Appearance of Windows
    4. Choosing Icons for Files and Folders
    5. Setting Display Resolution
    6. Managing Fonts
    7. Tinkering with Power Options
    8. Finding and Installing New Apps
    9. Removing Applications
    10. Creating Shortcuts
  11. 5 Networking Your Mac
    1. Hooking Up to a Wireless Network
    2. Hooking Up to a Wired Network
    3. Checking Network Performance
    4. Modifying Network Settings
    5. Setting Up a Firewall
  12. 6 Share and Share Alike
    1. Sharing Files and Folders
    2. Finding and Connecting to Shared Computers
    3. Manually Connecting to Shared Computers
    4. Remotely Accessing Other Computers
    5. Sharing Internet Connections
    6. Sharing Your CDs and DVDs
  13. 7 Everybody’s Gone Surfin’
    1. Browsing the Web
    2. Working with Tabs
    3. Setting Your Home Page
    4. Bookmarking Favorite Sites
    5. Exporting and Importing Bookmarks
    6. Blocking Pop-Ups
    7. Using and Storing Passwords
    8. Caching Out
    9. Devouring Cookies
    10. Tackling Downloads
    11. Managing Extensions
    12. Viewing Your Browsing History
    13. Browsing in Privacy
    14. Discovering Alternative Browsers
  14. 8 Mail Call
    1. Setting Up Email Accounts
    2. Receiving New Email
    3. Creating and Sending New Messages
    4. Adding Attachments to Messages
    5. Saving Attachments from Messages
    6. Customizing Your Messages
    7. Finding Alternative Email Apps
  15. 9 Disco Mac
    1. Importing Music to Your Computer
    2. Listening to Your Tunes
    3. Purchasing New Music (and More)
    4. Burning Audio Discs
    5. Sharing Music Files (Legally!)
    6. Syncing Music with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  16. 10 Hollywood on Your Mac
    1. Watching Digital Movie Files
    2. Playing DVDs
    3. Streaming Videos via the Internet
    4. Creating Your Own Movies
  17. 11 A Darkroom on Your Desk
    1. Connecting a Camera to Your Computer
    2. Importing Photos from Your Camera
    3. Organizing and Working with Photos
    4. Making Color Adjustments to Photos
  18. 12 Getting Your Gutenberg On
    1. Installing Printer Drivers
    2. Creating a Print Queue
    3. Configuring Printer Options
    4. Printing Documents
    5. Managing Print Jobs
    6. Sharing Your Printers
  19. 13 Scanning Your Horizons
    1. Installing Scanner Drivers
    2. Scanning Documents
    3. Sharing Your Scanner
  20. 14 Being Productive with Documents
    1. Basic Word Processing Tools
    2. Working with Microsoft Office Documents
    3. Working with PDF Files
  21. 15 Managing Your System
    1. Viewing System Information
    2. Managing Color Profiles
    3. Setting Parental Controls
    4. Protecting Your Computer from Viruses
    5. Setting Up Speech Recognition
    6. Keeping Your Software Up-to-Date
    7. Setting Default Programs for Specific File Types
    8. Backing Up Your Important Stuff
  22. 16 Taming the Unruly
    1. Monitoring Your Computer’s Usage and Performance
    2. Starting and Stopping System Services
    3. Performing Disk Maintenance
    4. Killing Problem Apps Dead
    5. Command Line Maintenance
    6. Recovering a Wayward System
  23. Appendixes
    1. A Glossary
    2. B Additional Resources
  24. Index

Product information

  • Title: Macs Translated For PC Users
  • Author(s): Mr. Dwight Spivey
  • Release date: October 2005
  • Publisher(s): Alpha
  • ISBN: 9781101585801