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Mahara 1.2 ePortfolios

Book Description

Create and host educational and professional e-portfolios and personalized learning communities

  • Create, customize, and maintain an impressive personal digital portfolio with a simple point-and-click interface

  • Set customized access to share your text files, images, and videos with your family, friends, and others

  • Create online learning communities and social networks through groups, blogs, and forums

  • A step-by-step approach that takes you through examples with ample screenshots and clear explanations

  • In Detail

    Mahara is a user-centred environment with a permissions framework that enables different views of an e-portfolio to be easily managed. These views helps you display your artefacts – text files, spreadsheets, images, and videos – in a way you choose and to the people you want. You can also create online communities and social networks through groups, blogs, and forums.

    Being a novice, you will need a quick and easy implementation guide to set up your feature-rich digital portfolio.

    This book is your step-by-step guide to building an impressive professional e-portfolio using Mahara. It covers the key features of Mahara that will help you set up your customized digital portfolio and display the artefacts in your preferred way allowing contribution from selected users only.

    This book will introduce to the exciting features of Mahara framework and help you develop a feature-rich e-portfolio for yourself. You will see how easily you can create folders, upload multiple files like journals, project documents, pictures, and videos and share them with your friends. You will learn to set up views of these files, making these visible to your chosen friends only. And then, you will allow people to give their inputs.

    You will learn to create blogs and forums and get connected to the rest of the world. Customization and administration of your Mahara site will become easy after you have gone through this book. Imagine how good you will feel when you will see your knowledge, success, and ideas going live and available to your chosen audiences for their inputs.

    Develop a feature-rich electronic portfolio – a digital repository of journals, presentations, reports, images, and videos – easily and share it with your friends, family, students, project team, and others

    Table of Contents

    1. Mahara 1.2 ePortfolios
      1. Mahara 1.2 ePortfolios
      2. Credits
      3. About the Authors
      4. About the Reviewers
      5. Preface
        1. What this book covers
        2. What you need for this book
        3. Who this book is for
        4. Conventions
        5. Time for action—Heading
          1. What Just Happened?
          2. Pop quiz— Heading
          3. Have a go hero—Heading
        6. Reader feedback
        7. Customer support
          1. Errata
          2. Piracy
          3. Questions
      6. 1. What Can Mahara Do for Me?
        1. Portfolios go electronic
          1. Towards an ePortfolio-enabled future
        2. Ways of using Mahara
          1. Case study one: Punam from Pennytown Primary
          2. Case study two: Janet Norman from Pharmaceuticals International Inc. (PI Inc.)
          3. Case study three: Neil from Training 4 Work
        3. Time for action—looking at some real-life Maharas
          1. What just happened?
        4. Why Mahara?
          1. Personalized learning
          2. Reflective learning
          3. Collaborative learning
          4. Pop quiz— what is important to you in an ePortfolio?
        5. Join the Mahara community
        6. Time for action—registering and exploring further
          1. What just happened?
          2. Pop quiz— learning about http://mahara.org
          3. Have a go hero—pressing the buttons till it hurts
        7. Summary
      7. 2. Getting Started with Mahara
        1. Registering with a Mahara site
        2. Time for action—registering onto the demonstration site
          1. What just happened?
        3. Logging in for the first time
        4. Time for action—logging in
          1. What just happened?
        5. Mahara's user interface—finding your way around
          1. A word on Mahara themes
          2. The main menu and submenus
          3. Site blocks
          4. The footer
        6. Setting up your own profile
          1. Profile information
            1. Editing your profile
        7. Time for action—editing your profile
          1. What just happened?
          2. Profile icons
        8. Time for action—uploading your profile icons
          1. What just happened?
          2. Editing your resumé goals and skills
        9. Time for action—editing your resumé goals and skills
          1. What just happened?
          2. Pop quiz— understanding your profile information
          3. Have a go hero—doing more with your profile information
        10. Your profile page
        11. Time for action—viewing and investigating your profile page
          1. What just happened?
          2. The profile page wall
          3. Some more profile page examples
        12. Adding a text box to your profile page
        13. Time for action—creating a text box for your profile page
          1. What just happened?
          2. Options in the text editor
        14. Time for action—editing a text box by adding a hyperlink
          1. What just happened?
          2. Taking the formatting and editing one step further
        15. Time for action—adding an image to your text box
          1. What just happened?
        16. Summary
      8. 3. Add Files and Blogs to Your Portfolio
        1. Putting your files online
          1. Mahara replaces the USB stick
        2. Time for action—adding some folders and files to your Portfolio
          1. What just happened?
          2. Giving structure to your folder tree and branches
          3. Copyright
          4. Upload limit
          5. Moving and deleting files
          6. Uploading more than one file
        3. Time for action—multiple file upload
          1. What just happened?
          2. Using tagging to organize your files and search for them
          3. Pop quiz— files, folders, and tagging
          4. Have a go hero—start setting up your files, folders, and tags
        4. Blogging
          1. What is a blog?
        5. Time for action—creating your first Mahara blog
          1. What just happened?
          2. Embedding an image in your blog post
          3. Pop quiz— blogging in Mahara
          4. Have a go hero—go on... get reflecting...
        6. Linking to files, folders, and blogs in your Profile Page
        7. Time for action—linking to files, folders, and blogs in your Profile Page
          1. What just happened?
        8. Summary
      9. 4. Views
        1. What are Views in Mahara?
        2. Time for action—creating and laying out your View
          1. What just happened?
        3. Adding/removing columns from your View
        4. Time for action—changing your View layout
          1. What just happened?
        5. Time for action—adding View details
          1. What just happened?
        6. View access
        7. Time for action—editing your View access
          1. What just happened?
        8. Making a View copyable
        9. Deciding who can access your View
        10. Time-limiting access
          1. Pop quiz— creating a View
        11. Editing your View once you have created it
          1. Have a go hero—edit your View
          2. Blocks
        12. Copying Views
        13. Time for action—copying a View
          1. What just happened?
          2. Pop quiz— copying Views
        14. View feedback
        15. Time for action—feedback on a View's content
          1. What just happened?
        16. Best practice example—multi-page view
        17. Time for action—linking Views together to make a multi-page View
          1. What just happened?
        18. Assessing the quality of your View
          1. View quality checklist
            1. Aesthetics
            2. Content
          2. Have a go hero—make a top quality View
        19. Summary
      10. 5. Working in Groups and Interacting with Friends
        1. Groups
        2. Time for action—creating a group
          1. What just happened?
        3. Group types
          1. Open membership groups
          2. Request membership groups
          3. Invite only groups
        4. Navigating your new group
        5. Time for action—opening up and navigating around your group
          1. What just happened?
        6. The groups shortcut sideblock
          1. Have a go hero—set up some new groups and create their About pages
        7. Joining an open membership group
        8. Time for action—joining a group in maharaforbeginners.tdm.info
          1. What just happened?
        9. Managing your group members
        10. Time for action—removing group members and changing roles
          1. What just happened?
          2. Pop quiz— creating Mahara groups
        11. Group forums
        12. Time for action—creating a forum
          1. What just happened?
        13. Forum moderation
        14. Managing your forum
        15. The exciting bit: Forum topics
          1. Forum discussion frameworks
        16. Time for action—adding a discussion topic
          1. What just happened?
        17. Naming forums and their topic subjects
        18. Posting to a topic
        19. Time for action—replying to a topic post
          1. What just happened?
          2. Pop quiz— group Forums
        20. Group files
        21. Group views
        22. Finding Groups
        23. Time for action—finding and joining a group
          1. What just happened?
        24. Joining a request membership group
        25. Time for action—requesting to join a group
          1. What just happened?
        26. Accepting/Denying requests to join a group
        27. Making friends!
        28. Time for action—finding friends and adding them to your list
          1. What just happened?
        29. Responding to a friend request
        30. Managing your friends
        31. Time for action—filtering and removing friends
          1. What just happened?
        32. Summary
      11. 6. Site Settings and Exporting Your Portfolio
        1. Preferences
        2. Time for action—changing your preferences
          1. What just happened?
          2. Changing username and password
          3. Friends control
          4. HTML editor
          5. Messages from other users
          6. Show controls to add and remove columns when editing a view
          7. Maximum tags in cloud
        3. Preferences in the right sidebar
        4. Notifications
        5. Time for action—managing your notifications
          1. What just happened?
        6. Watchlist
        7. Activity preferences
        8. Time for action—choosing your activity preferences
          1. What just happened?
          2. Pop quiz—activity types
          3. Have a go hero—play with different preference and settings
        9. Exporting your portfolio
        10. Time for action—exporting your portfolio
          1. What just happened?
          2. HTML website export
          3. LEAP2A export
          4. Pop quiz— Export
          5. Have a go hero—Show off your portfolio by exporting to HTML website
        11. Summary
      12. 7. Institution Administrators, Staff Members, and Group Tutors
        1. What is an institution?
          1. Administering an institution
        2. Time for action—adding users to your institution
          1. What just happened?
        3. Bulk uploading users to your institution
        4. Time for action—adding institutional users by CSV
          1. What just happened?
        5. Editing user account settings
        6. Time for action—finding a user and suspending them
          1. What just happened?
        7. Masquerading as another user
        8. Managing member roles in your institution
        9. Time for action—managing your institution's members, staff and admins
          1. What just happened?
        10. Configuring your institution's settings
        11. Dealing with admin notifications
        12. Institution views and files
          2. Files
          3. Pop quiz— managing an institution
        13. Less learner-driven aspects of Mahara
        14. What is a course group?
          1. Case study
        15. Time for action—setting up a Course: Controlled Membership group
          1. What just happened?
        16. Publicly viewable groups
        17. Tutors
        18. Time for action—adding a Tutor to your course group
          1. What just happened?
          2. Have a go hero—set up some course groups
        19. Submitting work for assessment
        20. Time for action—submitting a view to a course group for assessment
          1. What just happened?
        21. Time for action—releasing a view submitted for assessment
          1. What just happened?
        22. Putting it all together into an assessment process
        23. Time for action—an example assessment process with Mahara
          1. What just happened?
          2. Pop quiz— Course Groups, Staff Members and Tutors
        24. Summary
      13. A. Mahara Implementation Pre-Planner
        1. What's involved with a Mahara implementation?
        2. Analysis and Specification
          1. Deciding if Mahara is right for you
                1. Collecting, organizing, selecting
                2. Reflecting, testing, verifying, and planning
                3. Representing and publishing
                4. Administrating, implementing, adapting
                5. Usability
          2. Understanding your own specific needs and working conditions
            1. Concept 1: Purpose
            2. Concept 2: Learning Activity Design
            3. Concept 3: Processes
            4. Concept 4: Ownership
            5. Concept 5: Disruptive Nature
          3. Choosing between a Mahara partner-supported site or your own installation
          4. Scoping out your implementation plan
            1. Decide on your implementation timeframe
            2. Ensure you have the people's commitment
            3. Draft out your initial Mahara design
            4. Draft out your Mahara-specific policies
            5. Start to embed Mahara into institutional and program priorities
        3. Design and implementation
          1. Creating a buzz!
          2. Getting some quick wins in first!
          3. Continuously involving your users in the design process
          4. Keep going despite adversity!
                1. People can be implementation resisters
                2. Situational Response Tactics
                3. Situational Response Tactic 1: Big Bombs
                4. Situational Response Tactic 2: Sniper Fire
        4. Evaluation and continuation
          1. Reviewing and re-evaluating
          2. Changing and embedding
      14. B. Installing Mahara
        1. What will you need?
        2. Downloading Mahara
        3. Time for action—downloading Mahara
          1. What Just Happened?
        4. Using the command line
        5. Time for action—creating your Mahara file structure
          1. What Just Happened?
        6. Creating the database
        7. Time for action—creating the Mahara database
          1. What Just Happened?
          2. Have a go hero—using the command line to create your database
        8. Setting up the data directory
        9. Time for action—setting up the data directory
          1. What just happened?
        10. Time for action—creating the config.php file
          1. What Just Happened?
        11. Running the Installer
        12. Time for action—running the installer
        13. The last step: Setting up a cron process
          1. Can I install Mahara on Windows?
          2. What about installation on other operating systems?
        14. What is a Mahara partner and what can they do for me?
          1. Finding a Mahara partner
      15. C. Pop quiz Answers
        1. Chapter 2
            1. Understanding your profile information
        2. Chapter 3
            1. files, folders, and tagging
            2. blogging in Mahara
        3. Chapter 4
            1. Creating a View
            2. Copying Views
        4. Chapter 5
            1. Creating Mahara Groups
            2. Group Forums
        5. Chapter 6
            1. Activity Types
            2. Export
        6. Chapter 7
            1. Managing an Institution