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Major in Happiness

Book Description

This book examines a variety of assumptions prevalent in the mental models of undergraduates, parents, educators, higher education leaders, administrators, and policymakers that cause people to fall into a series of mental traps when selecting a major. Divided into three parts, this publication presents a situational analysis on choosing a college major, dissects the mental models and traps people rely on, and offers a variety of assessments that can help increase one's self-awareness prior to declaring a major.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title Page
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Advanced Quotes for Major in Happiness
  7. Why You Should Read This Book
  8. Contents
  9. Forward: The Liberal Art
  10. Preface: Explaining Happiness
  11. Acknowledgments
  12. Introduction
  13. Part I The Situation
    1. Chapter 1 The Information Technology Revolution
    2. Chapter 2 The State of the College Major
    3. Chapter 3 Selecting a Major
    4. Chapter 4 The Fallacies
  14. Part II The Mental Traps
    1. Chapter 5 Trap One: Your Major Determines Your Long- Term Earning Potential
    2. Chapter 6 Trap Two: You Need to Land Your Dream Job and Figure out What You Want to Do with the Rest of Your Life
    3. Chapter 7 Trap Three: You Can Apply to Jobs Related to Only Your Major
    4. Chapter 8 Trap Four: Employers Care about Only Your Major and Grade Point Average
    5. Chapter 9 Trap Five: Students Must Specialize in One Major in Order to Succeed
  15. Part III Assessments
    1. Chapter 10 Build Your Bridge
    2. Chapter 11 Career Target
    3. Chapter 12 AIM for Your Purpose
    4. Chapter 13 The Greater Fool Theory
    5. Chapter 14 The Milkshake
    6. Chapter 15 The Openness and Awareness Index
    7. Chapter 16 Career Vision
    8. Chapter 17 Soft Skills
    9. Chapter 18 “How Good Do You Want to Be?”
    10. Chapter 19 Professional Skills Assessment
    11. Chapter 20 Personal Assessment of Traits and Habits to Success
    12. Chapter 21 Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    13. Chapter 22 Social Media Quiz
    14. Chapter 23 Communicate Your Value Assessments
  16. Appendix A: List of Majors from the University of Michigan
  17. Appendix B: Famous People and Their Majors
  18. Appendix C: Extinct, New, and Future Careers
  19. Index