Chapter 6. The AND Logic Gate

Two Pushbutton Switches in Series

The AND Logic Gate is another computer circuit used to make basic decisions with electrical input signals. Building the AND Logic Gate requires wiring two pushbutton switches to electrical contacts in a chain or series circuit. The AND Logic Gate’s output decision is based on both parts of the input data (i.e., both pushbutton switches) being in the same state.

In this chapter, you will learn about the AND Logic Gate by building an Arduino-based AND Logic Gate using a photocell, a pushbutton switch, and an LED. Figure 6-1 shows the assembled Arduino AND Logic Gate.

Parts List

  • Arduino microcontroller
  • MakerShield kit
  • S1: pushbutton switch
  • S2: pushbutton switch
  • R1: 1KΩ resistor (brown, ...

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