Chapter 16. A Logic Tester (with an LCD)

The Logic Tester project in Chapter 15 allowed you to check the digital data values the Arduino uses to control motors and LEDs. The tester’s two LEDs offer a quick way to see the digital data. In this project, you’ll make an awesome change to the tester by displaying “HIGH (1)” or “LOW (0)” data messages on an LCD. The electronic components to build this device are shown in the Parts List. The Logic Tester with an LCD is shown in Figure 16-1.

Parts List

  • Arduino microcontroller
  • Full breadboard
  • R1: 10KΩ potentiometer
  • R2: 1KΩ resistor (brown, black, red stripes)
  • R3: 330Ω resistor (orange, orange, brown stripes)
  • Q1: S39014 NPN transistor or equivalent
  • PB1: pushbutton switch
  • One long jumper wire
  • LCD1: ...

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