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Make Customer Data and Trust a Competitive Advantage

Video Description

In the rush to develop innovative, data-centric products and services, companies are capturing vast quantities of personal data, and are often opaque about their collection processes and uses of this data. This may deliver some short-term benefits, but it seriously undermines long-term trust. This is just one of many conclusions from a study co-led by Timothy Morey of frog on consumer attitudes about data privacy. The study found that while many consumers lack awareness of how companies collect and use data, consumers have strong feelings about data privacy, which can affect their views of a company. In this study the authors wrote, “As product builders and designers, we need to be a lot more thoughtful about how we collect, use, and share personal data from our users.” In this interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Morey shares insights from this study. He also offers guidelines for companies to take into account the sensitivity of data, and provides principles for designing with data.