Chapter 7

HOPE . . . in What Others Intend Despite What They Do

imageA hopeful inner voice within Cybil was becoming louder and louder. She was getting the feeling that she could take back the reins of her life and her behavior. She was in control of how she felt, how she behaved, how she reacted, and how she perceived others, no matter what external influences or events she encountered in her life and what the voices in her head seemed to say some days. Intellectually, she’d always known she was in control, but somehow the CORE tool and their conversations about the origins of her decisions and life direction were giving her a tangible grip on where she needed and wanted to go from here. It was starting to answer the “Now what?” question that often surfaced with tools like this, but for her had never been answered. It was giving her hope, a great deal of hope.

They had one more graph to review on the one-page summary, and just by looking at it, Cybil had no idea how to interpret what all the boxes meant. The trainer shared with her that the part 3 graph (see Figure 7.1) showed conceptually how a person operated on an average day with increasing amounts of stress. She said it was by far the most revealing and might lead Cybil to believe that the trainer had somehow secretly installed cameras in her office the day before. Cybil’s third graph showed that she was using the Commander behavior ...

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