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Make It Work: Navigate Your Career Without Leaving Your Organization

Book Description

Make It Work exposes 16 pervasive myths that create roadblocks and limit career opportunities. It offers real-life career stories and the practices and principles that can help anyone create a rich and fulfilling work experience without leaving one organization for another. With exercises, a powerful new model and a self-assessment indicator, Make It Work presents a process for identifying our passions, discovering our core, finding a career fit, declaring our choices and taking control of our career and life happiness.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Introduction
    1. Your Heart + Your Organization = Your Success
    2. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
    3. Stay in Your Organization and Succeed
  7. About the Authors
  8. Don’t Leave Your Organization
    1. The Current Role of Organizations
    2. The Source of Career Energy and Wealth
  9. Uncovering Career Myths and Truths
    1. Career Myths and Career Truths
    2. The Career Wealth Model
  10. Part 1: Your Career Foundation Four Steps for Starting on the Inside
    1. Four Steps for Starting on the Inside
    2. Step 1: Identify Your Passions
      1. Career Wealth from Unleashed Passion
      2. Expressing Passion in Different Ways
      3. Making a Choice
      4. Bringing Your Passions to Work
      5. Building the Foundation
      6. Going Deeper to Your Passion Source
    3. Step 2: Discover Your Core
      1. How to Discover YourPassionate Core
      2. More Career Options fromYour Passionate Core
      3. Fruits of the Passionate Core
      4. Getting to Your Core
    4. Step 3: Find Your Career Fit
      1. Assessing Current Alignment
      2. Scanning Career Alternatives
      3. From Thinking to Doing
      4. Career Risks andCore Needs Alignment
    5. Step 4: Declare Your Career
      1. Clarifying Your Choice
      2. The Liberating Effects of a Career Declaration
      3. The Catalyzing Effects of aCareer Declaration
      4. Your Declaration
      5. Your Career Foundation …A Final Note
      6. Finding and LeveragingYour Passionate Core
  11. Part 2: Your Career Navigation Six Practices for Taking the Inside Out
    1. Six Practices for Taking the Inside Out
    2. The Six Practices ofCareer Navigation
    3. Practice 1: Shape Your Role
      1. You Are Not Your Role
      2. Looking Outside Your Box
      3. Taking Control
      4. Four Steps for Shaping Your Role
    4. Practice 2: Be the Players
      1. People, Not “People Skills”
      2. Perspectives
      3. The People Positioning Process
    5. Practice 3: Get Equipped
      1. It’s About Your Passions
      2. Getting Equipped
      3. Top Ten Methods for Getting Equipped
    6. Practice 4: Know the Road Rules
      1. The Road Rules in Your Organization
      2. Navigating the Rules in Your Organization
    7. Practice 5: Network
      1. Six Degrees of Separation
      2. Starting with Who You Know
      3. Expanding to Other Networks
      4. How to Network
      5. Building Your Network
    8. Practice 6: Check In
      1. Good Things Can Last
  12. Epilogue: Your Commencement
    1. Do the Work
    2. Begin Your Commencement
    3. Let’s Stay Connected
  13. Index