Make: Planes, Gliders and Paper Rockets

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You don't need kids to tell you that Making is Fun. Just get them in a room with simple projects, common household tools and utensils, inexpensive supplies, and their imagination. All young people need is an interest in how the world works, the right tools to explore, and some projects to serve as jumping-off points for their explorations. Make: Simple Flying Things offers five flight projects that are easy to build, inexpensive, and expandable--just add imagination!

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Table of contents

  1. Preface
    1. Overview
      1. Chapter 1, Helicopters
      2. Chapter 2, Rockets
      3. Chapter 3, Airplanes and Gliders
      4. Chapter 4, Rockets Revisited
      5. Chapter 5, Kites!
    2. Tools and Supplies
      1. Tools
      2. Supplies for Paper Catapult Helicopter
      3. Supplies for Pull-Cord Stick Helicopter
      4. Supplies for Low-Pressure Rocket Launcher and Rockets
      5. Supplies for High-Pressure Rocket Launcher and Rockets
      6. Supplies for Rubber Band Airplane
      7. Supplies for Air Rocket Glider
      8. Supplies for Foam Air Rocket
      9. Supplies for Rocket Building Stand
      10. Supplies for Bounce Rocket
      11. Supplies for Air Rocket with Parachute (ARP)
      12. Supplies for Quick-Build Kite for $0.25
      13. Supplies for Simple Sled Kite
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. Safari® Books Online
    5. How to Contact Us
    6. Acknowledgments
  2. 1. Helicopters
    1. Paper Catapult Helicopter
      1. Build the Paper Catapult Helicopter
      2. Build the Helicopter Launcher
      3. Add an LED for Night Launch
    2. Pull-String Stick Helicopter
      1. Build the Pull-String Stick Helicopter
    3. Going Further
  3. 2. Rockets
    1. Low-Pressure Rocket Launcher
      1. Build the Low-Pressure Rocket Launcher
      2. Build the Low-Pressure Paper Rocket
    2. High-Pressure Rocket Launcher for Super High Flights!
      1. Build the High-Pressure Rocket Launcher
      2. Storing the High-Pressure Rocket Launcher
      3. Build the High-Pressure Rockets
      4. Launching Rockets!
    3. Going Further
  4. 3. Airplanes and Gliders
    1. Rubber Band Airplane
      1. Build the Rubber Band Airplane
    2. Air Rocket Glider Kit
    3. Build the Air Rocket Glider
    4. Going Further
  5. 4. Rockets Revisited
    1. Foam Air Rocket
      1. Build the Foam Air Rocket
    2. Rocket Stands
      1. Build the Rocket Stand
    3. Bounce Rocket
      1. Build the Bounce Rocket
    4. Air Rocket with Parachute (ARP)
      1. Build the Air Rocket with Parachute
    5. Going Further
  6. 5. Kites!
    1. Quick-Build Kite for $0.25
      1. Build the Quick-Build Kite
    2. Simple Sled Kite
      1. Build the Simple Sled Kite
    3. Going Further
  7. Index

Product information

  • Title: Make: Planes, Gliders and Paper Rockets
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2015
  • Publisher(s): Make: Community
  • ISBN: 9781457187698