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Make Your Music Video and Put It Online

Book Description

With the popularity of YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, MySpaceTV, and other video services, musicians are using the video format more than ever. In fact, making a video and getting it seen is a vitally important part of marketing your music or band. This book will help you learn how to produce a high-quality, high-production value, low-budget music video and let the world know about it through the Internet. First, the book offers suggestions for choosing and recording a song appropriate for video. Then you'll learn the basics of filming the video, post-production editing, music synchronization, and video formats optimized for online video. Finally, you'll learn to upload the video to popular online music and social networking sites and how to drive traffic to your new video masterpiece. Throughout the book, you will familiarize yourself with more than just the techniques involved - you will gain knowledge of the strategy behind those techniques. You will not only become a better-prepared creative director of your project, but a savvier marketer - one who knows old-school PR tactics as well as the latest, cutting-edge new school techniques for presenting yourself in the best possible light. This is more than a book about how to make a music video - it's a guide to marketing your music in the 21st century.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Author
  4. Introduction
    1. The Third Wave and the Age of the Prosumer
    2. Music Marketing and Promotion in the Twenty-First Century
      1. The Old-School Approach
      2. New School, New Rules
    3. Who Should Read This Book
    4. Who Shouldn’t Read This Book
    5. What to Expect by Reading This Book
  5. I. Creating Your Music
    1. 1. The Process
      1. Recording a New Track
        1. Using a DAW
        2. Using a Multitrack Recorder
        3. Using a Professional Studio
      2. Recording Live versus Overdubbing
        1. Finding a Studio
    2. 2. Mixing Considerations
      1. Getting the Quality You Want
        1. What Common Sayings Really Mean
      2. Turning Up the Music with Compression
      3. Mixing for Stereo and Mono
      4. Understanding Sample Rates and Bit Depth
      5. Coming to Terms with Codecs and File Formats
        1. Understanding Codecs
        2. Understanding Audio Formats
        3. Understanding Video Formats
        4. Compression Methods: The Bottom Line
  6. II. Producing Your Video
    1. 3. Music Video Cookbook: The Ingredients
      1. Songs and Tracks that Make Good Videos
      2. Story, Emotion, and Imagination
        1. The Value of Story
        2. The Value of Emotion
        3. The Value of Imagination
      3. Learning from Others
        1. Music Videos on Television
        2. Music Videos on the Internet
        3. Music Videos of the Homegrown Variety
    2. 4. Choosing Your Production Methods
      1. Method 1—Do It Yourself (DIY)
        1. Dollars and Sense
        2. A Production Toolbox Is Now Available
        3. Control Geeks
        4. DIY Can Expand Your Creative and Technical Abilities
        5. Bragging Rights and Building a Reel
      2. Method 2—The Student Filmmaker
        1. Two Steps Ahead of You
        2. Gimme Some Gear
        3. Sounding Board
        4. Gather the Crew
        5. Built-In Networking
      3. Method 3—Professional Video Director
        1. Getting Pro Results
        2. Faster Turn-Around Time
        3. Suggestions, Please
        4. One or More Team Members
        5. Crossing the Technical Divide
      4. Choices, Choices
    3. 5. Tools for Do-It-Yourselfers
      1. Choosing the Right Video Format
        1. Choosing High Definition or Standard Definition
      2. Choosing the Right Camcorder Setup
      3. Choosing the Best Computer Setup
        1. Mac or PC?
        2. Horse…er…Computing Power
        3. Big Hunks of Data for RAM and Storage
        4. Monitors, Interfaces, Cables, and More
          1. Monitors
          2. Interfaces
          3. Cables
      4. Choosing the Best Software
        1. Audio Software
          1. Sequencers or Digital Audio Workstation Software
        2. DAW Software
          1. Plug-Ins
        3. Video Software
    4. 6. Choosing a Video Style
      1. The Medium Is the Message
      2. Finding Your Style in a World of Overchoice
      3. Matching Aesthetics of Music and Visuals
    5. 7. Shooting Options
      1. Performing Live
      2. Shooting a “Mini-Movie”—The Story-Driven Music Video
      3. Combining Live Performance with Story-Driven Videos
        1. Where to Begin
        2. Understanding the Difference Between Film Scores and Music Videos
    6. 8. The Video Process: Pre-Production and the Shoot
      1. Preparing for the Shoot
        1. Creating the Script
          1. Types of Scripts
          2. Beyond the Shoot
        2. Creating a Storyboard
        3. Creating Animatics
        4. Taking the Ad Hoc Approach
      2. Shooting the Video
        1. The Basics of Shooting Video
        2. A Brief History of Syncing Audio and Picture
        3. To Sync or Not to Sync
        4. That’s Wild
        5. Recording the Audio in a Live Event
          1. Audio Quality
            1. Sub-Mix to Eight Discrete Tracks
        6. The Live, Multi-Camera Shoot
          1. Example Verbal Direction in a Multi-Camera Shoot
          2. Multiple Takes on Tape
          3. Multiple Locations
          4. Camera Moves and Camera Angles
            1. Camera Moves
          5. Camera Angles
        7. Costume Changes
        8. Shooting B-Roll
        9. Do’s and Don’ts (Especially the Don’ts)
      3. Logging and Staying Organized
        1. During the Shoot
          1. The Log Sheet
          2. Labeling Tapes
        2. After the Shoot
      4. Special Considerations for Shooting a Music Video
    7. 9. Post-Production
      1. Editing Considerations
        1. Art and Science
        2. DIY or Not?
        3. Editing for a Music Video
          1. The Beat Goes On
          2. Artistic License
        4. Before You Cut
      2. Editing Basics
        1. Importing Your Footage
        2. Using the Timeline
        3. Inserting, Trimming, Rippling, and Overwriting
        4. Using Transitions and Effects
        5. Considering Your Software Options
        6. Choosing Your Weapons
        7. Editing Software
          1. Editing on the Mac
          2. More About the Timeline
      3. Throwing in the Kitchen Sync
      4. Wrapping Up
        1. Color Correction
        2. Titles
        3. Copyrights
        4. Final Review
  7. III. Posting Your Masterpiece on the Internet
    1. 10. Making Your Video Internet-Ready
      1. Revisiting Compression
      2. Uploading Your Video
        1. Uploading to YouTube
        2. Other Flavors—Such as FLV
        3. Sorenson Compression
      3. Downloading and Streaming Your Video
        1. Tags, Keywords, and Searching
    2. 11. Evaluating Popular Online Sites
      1. Why Not Post on Your Own Site?
      2. Categories of Sites
        1. Multipurpose Sites
          1. YouTube
            1. Increasing Your Views on YouTube
            2. Embed This
        2. Video-Specific Sites
        3. Social Networking Sites
          1. MySpace and Facebook
          2. Social Networking/Video Hybrids
      3. A Different Type of Music Video Site
    3. 12. Working with iTunes Videos
      1. Determining the Target
      2. Converting Your Files
        1. Converting with QuickTime Pro
        2. Converting Directly from iMovie
        3. Converting Directly from Final Cut
        4. Using Third-Party Options
      3. Managing Music Videos on iTunes
      4. Transferring Videos to the iPod
    4. 13. Marketing Your Music Video
      1. If You Post It, Will They Come?
      2. I Have Some Good News and Some Bad News
      3. Understanding the Marketing Mix
        1. Traditional Marketing
          1. The Mission Statement
          2. Positioning
          3. Market Segmentation
          4. Branding
          5. Value Proposition
          6. The Three Ps—Public Relations, Publicity, and Promotion
          7. Advertising
        2. Social Marketing (aka Social Media Marketing)
          1. The Act of Blogging
          2. The Dawn of MySpace
          3. The Rise of Facebook
          4. Using Twitter and Tweets
          5. Visit Us, Follow Us, Join Us
          6. About LinkedIn
          7. Using Other Marketing Methods
      4. And the Winner Is…
      5. Finding a Formula for Fool-Proof Marketing
      6. Enjoy the Ultimate in Creativity
  8. A. Resources
    1. Short List of Relevant Course PTR Books
    2. Books on Traditional Marketing
    3. Books on Social Change
    4. Music—Educational and Informational
    5. Websites that Host Video
    6. Social Networking Websites
    7. Manufacturers Websites
    8. Film and Television Business Websites
    9. Websites About Websites
    10. Website of the Greatest Music Instrument Catalog on Earth