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Make Your Website Sell

Book Description

Statistics amply demonstrate that most web owners don't understand the fundamental principles of running and marketing a website. But at a time when your website is rapidly becoming a fundamental sales channel, no business (large or small) can afford to get this wrong for much longer. This practical and sales-oriented book aims to resolve two simple problems most web owners face: how to get a website built well and then how to market the site in order to generate sales. The author presents a non-technical, easy-to-implement blueprint to help any business achieve online sales success. Starting with choosing the right web developer, to understanding the key principles of web marketing, to getting long lasting traffic, to writing compelling online copy, to more advanced marketing strategies and analytics, this book will make a lasting difference to a company's web-based sales.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Chapter 1: Get Into the Web Owner’s Mindset
    1. Owning the Internet
    2. Thinking Like an Online Entrepreneur
    3. Time: Friend of the Website
    4. Delays: Enemy of the Website
    5. Confidence
    6. Running a Website in Bad Times
    7. Lessons From History
    8. Getting Your Website’s Priorities Right
    9. The Strategy
  7. Chapter 2: Find the Right Web Design Partner
    1. Introduction
    2. DIY or Professionally Developed?
    3. A Brief History of Web Designers
    4. Where to Begin Your Search
    5. Getting to Know Them
    6. Getting to Know Their Technical Prowess
    7. Getting to Know Their Business Sense
    8. Location, Location, Location (Or, Does Geography Really Matter?)
    9. Working with Freelancers: The Low-Cost Solution
    10. How Much Should Your Website Cost?
    11. Writing a Brief
    12. The Strategy
  8. Chapter 3: Plan and Build Your Website
    1. Introduction
    2. Legal Nasties
    3. Planning and Time Scales
    4. The Specification Phase
    5. The Design Phase
    6. The Site Build
    7. Testing
    8. Entering Content
    9. Usability Study
    10. Going Live
    11. Project Management
    12. The Strategy
  9. Chapter 4: Discover the 7 Principles of Internet Marketing
    1. Introduction
    2. Principle 1: Customer Profiling
    3. Principle 2: The Many Pillars of Marketing
    4. Principle 3: Testing
    5. Principle 4: The Doubling Mindset
    6. Principle 5: The Internet Equation
    7. Principle 6: The Success Pyramid
    8. Principle 7: The Real Customer Value
    9. The Strategy
  10. Chapter 5: Get Instant Traffic to Your Website
    1. Introduction
    2. How Does Google AdWords Work?
    3. Setting Up Your Account
    4. Selecting Profitable Keywords
    5. Writing Compelling Adverts
    6. Landing Pages
    7. Conversions and Analysing Results
    8. Tracking Offline Conversions
    9. The Ultimate Google Strategy
    10. Why You Should Use AdWords Before SEO
    11. The Strategy
  11. Chapter 6: Build Lasting Relationships with Your Customers
    1. Introduction
    2. Your Email Strategy
    3. Knowing Your List
    4. Building a List
    5. Building an Online Relationship: Getting Started
    6. Building an Online Relationship: Crafting Powerful Emails
    7. The Strategy
  12. Chapter 7: Turn Visitors into Customers
    1. Introduction
    2. Which Webpages Should You Focus On?
    3. Split-testing Your Landing Pages
    4. Writing Winning Copy
    5. Conversion Tactics
    6. Ecommerce Sites
    7. Organising Your Content
    8. Action Thinking
    9. The Strategy
  13. Chapter 8: Get Lasting Traffic to Your Website
    1. Introduction
    2. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
    3. How are Your Website’s Rankings Calculated?
    4. The Target Page
    5. Picking the Perfect Keywords for SEO
    6. Onsite and Offsite SEO
    7. Onsite SEO Techniques
    8. Offsite SEO Techniques
    9. The Strategy
  14. Chapter 9: Analyse and Grow
    1. Introduction
    2. Getting the Most Out Of Your Analytics
    3. Setting Up Google Analytics
    4. The Anatomy of Reports
    5. Visitor Reports
    6. Traffic Sources Reports
    7. Content Reports
    8. Goals Reports
    9. Ecommerce Reports
    10. The Strategy
  15. Chapter 10: Lights, Camera, Action!
  16. Appendixes
    1. Writing a Brief
    2. Sample Project List
    3. Specification Questions
    4. Negative Keywords
  17. Acknowledgements
  18. Your VIP Invitation