The Community

Makeover Monday has grown far beyond the sharing of data sets and visualizations on a weekly basis. The success of the project is due to the community that has embraced the ideas, suggestions, and processes so enthusiastically. The steady growth of the community has shaped the way we run the project. New ideas that are introduced or existing processes that changed are a response to or in anticipation of what will benefit the Makeover Monday community the most. Fundamentally, the project is designed to help you learn, improve, develop, and excel at becoming a better data analyst.

This chapter is an acknowledgment of the many long-term contri­butors who have helped make Makeover Monday much more successful than the two of us could have achieved on our own. Beyond their consistent contributions, these people have stepped up to help others. Each week brings new participants, and this group has been incredibly helpful with their guidance and coaching.

Long-Term Contributors

The following is a gallery of the long-term contributors, those who have stayed loyal to the project and engaged with the community since the early days of Makeover Monday. For each person’s portrait, we have included their picture, contact details, a statement about their involvement with Makeover Monday, and their favorite visualization from their Makeover Monday portfolio. We encourage you to check out their profiles and their visualizations for inspiration, ideas, and tips on what you can do ...

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