Source Lines

Figure I.1 Data from ESPN

Figure I.2 Data from ESPN

Figure I.7 Credit to Sergey Demushkin for Carousel House (Noun Project)

Figure I.8 Data from Bermuda Digest of Statistics

Figure I.9 Simulated data from

Figure I.10 Board Bia via the IWSR

Figure 1.1 Data from Data World

Figure 1.2 Data from

Figure 1.3 Data from

Figure 1.4 Data from World Bank

Figure 1.5 Data from City of Chicago

Figure 1.6 Data from Data Go..

Figure 1.7 Data from US Census

Figure 1.8 Data from Environmental Protection Agency

Figure 1.11 Data source NASA; info source

Figure 1.12 Data from, Wikipedia

Figure 1.13 Data from

Figure 1.14 Data from Society for American Baseball Research, The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport’s annual Racial and Gender Report Cards, TIDES Reports

Figure 1.15 Data from Unesco Institute for Water Education

Figure 2.5 Data from Andy’s American Express Statement

Figure 2.6 Data from Andy Kriebel

Figure 2.7 Data from

Figure 2.8 Data from Knoema / Wi..

Figure 2.9 Data from National Chicken Council

Figure 2.10 Data from National Chicken Council

Figure 2.11 Data from

Figure 2.14 Data from US Census Bureau

Figure 3.4 Data from Knoema World Data Atlas

Figure 3.5 Data from Office of National Statistics

Figure 3.6 Data from Office of National Statistics

Figure 3.12 Data from Major League Baseball

Figure 3.13 Data from Major ...

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