Making Creativity Practical: Innovation That Gets Results

Book description

Creative solutions can be challenged and defended in the pursuit of profitability. But first, creativity must be demystified. A process that targets innovation provides leaders with just such a problem-solving approach. The goal is to produce high-quality ideas that are appropriate to the task - which means groups and organizations can implement them with less risk. Work with the targeted innovation process consists of activities in five areas: stating the problem in a way that encourages creative problem solving, learning and understanding different problem-solving styles, learning and understanding creative pathways and their relationship to problem solving, generating ideas, and evaluating those ideas. Targeted innovation reconciles creativity with management. Managers can use it to solve problems that meet their organization's call for innovative answers to current challenges.

Product information

  • Title: Making Creativity Practical: Innovation That Gets Results
  • Author(s): Stan Gryskiewicz, Sylvester Taylor
  • Release date: March 2003
  • Publisher(s): Center for Creative Leadership
  • ISBN: 9781604917178