Appendix E. Interview and Text Box References

Interview References

Chapter 1: Interview with KC Golden, Policy Director—Climate Solutions. February 4, 2008.

Chapter 2: Interview with Kevin Hagen, CSR Manager—REI. February 11, 2008.

Chapter 3: Interview with Steve Leahy, President—Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce. February 21, 2008.

Chapter 3: Interview with Bill Beckley, Environmental Consultant Ridolfi, Inc. August 21, 2008.

Chapter 3: Interview with Gifford Pinchot, President—Bainbridge Graduate Institute. February 29, 2008.

Chapter 5: Interview with Bruce Herbert, Principal—Newground Social Investment. February 20, 2008.

Chapter 6: Interview with Maria Damon, Professor of Economics—University of Washington. February 7, 2008.

Chapter 7: ...

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