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Making Your First iPhone App with Swift v3.0

Video Description

Learn to build amazing iOS 10 applications using Swift v3.0

About This Video

  • Harness the full potential of Swift programming to create iOS applications

  • Learn to build superb iOS applications with the help of real-world examples and scenarios

  • Get prepared for more extensive iOS app development and build a solid foundation for advanced iOS development

  • In Detail

    The video is a fun-filled and engaging guide for those who are new to iOS programming and want to gain a good understanding of core iOS techniques to build applications with the Swift programming language.

    This guide will not only dwell into iOS concepts but also lay a strong foundation for Swift programming. It starts off by helping you quickly get acclimatized to iOS programming by building and deploying a small but interesting app.

    Next, you will move on to core Swift programming language topics such as variables, different types, and code patterns used in iOS. Once the fundamentals are in place, you will develop advanced programming skills, finding out about important iOS components and concepts such as Xcode 8, Core iOS, and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

    The core topics covered in the video are: Storyboards View controllers and Navigation Core Data Adding functionalities such as images, contacts, calendar, messages, location services, and more.