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Manage Windows Server Infrastructure With Active Directory

Video Description

Be job ready as a Windows Administrator. Manage your Windows Infrastructure with Active Directory & Windows Server 2012

About This Video

Understand what Windows Server and Active Directory Services are all about:

  • How To Install,
  • Configure And Operationalize Windows Server and Active Directory
  • Windows Server tools, services, and roles
  • How to manage your ADDS objects
  • How to integrate DNS services with Active Directory
  • Improve Your IT Skills, Become More Marketable, And Make More Money

In Detail

This course is designed for all levels of networking and IT practitioners who want to improve their skills, implement sophisticated and collaborative working environment in their organizations and continue to be in great demand as networking and IT engineers. This Windows and administration course will teach you how to deploy and manage sophisticated Windows Active Directory Domain (ADDS) Infrastructure. Windows Server is a tried enterprise operating system which powers a large portion of enterprises and small to mid-range companies. Active Directory is one of the core features which enables collaborative, secure and accessible network environment for every department of the organization. Over the years Microsoft has put in a lot of effort and investment into making Windows Server a very robust and scalable system which can scale to global scale in a multi-user and multi-team environments. By honing these skills, you will be chased by recruiters and companies who are looking to hire professionals with experience on Windows Server and Active Directory. This course aims at teaching networking, IT, software and DevOps engineers what it takes to improve your skills, experience, and techniques to earn more money. You will start with the basics and tackle how to install and configure Windows Server and AD. You will get familiar with the Windows Server ecosystem. You will get familiar with a bunch of very useful services and management tools in the Windows Server ecosystem. You'll then dive into the different hands-on exercises to implement a real-world networked environment for a Windows domain. Windows Server 2012, Active Directory Domain, DNS Services.