Chapter 2

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Managed Funds

In This Chapter

arrow Appreciating what managed funds have to offer

arrow Understanding the meaning of diversification

arrow Finding a managed fund to suit you

arrow Noting four reasons why managed funds may not be suitable for you

arrow Comparing managed funds with other investments

Managed funds can be a great way for many people to invest. Accessing professional management, the ability to instantly spread your investments across a range of different investment types and not having to keep an eye on the investment every day are reasons enough to tempt a large number of Australians to use managed funds. A huge range of funds is available across different parts of the market and different types of funds appeal to different types of investors. Whether you’re a slow and steady type or prefer a bit more zing to your investing, you can find a fund to cater to your needs.

Investors should be aware of some of the downsides to managed funds. Investing in managed ...

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