Chapter 12

Filling In the Forms

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the product disclosure statement

arrow Figuring out who can invest in managed funds

arrow Finding out how to complete the forms

arrow Knowing what to look out for when reading the forms

arrow Checking out measures against money laundering

Managed fund investors must deal with at least three documents before they can invest. The first document is the product disclosure statement (PDS); the second is the application form; and the third is the financial services guide (FSG). Unfortunately, you can’t get around the forms. Although fund managers would love to get hold of your money as easily as possible, they must follow certain rules when collecting personal information and, ultimately, your money. The PDS also covers who can and can’t invest in the product. Rounding out the application process is what is known as anti-money laundering.

In this chapter, I cover all three of these forms, including how to complete them and make that first transaction, ...

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