Chapter 15

Examining More Ways of Classifying Managed Investments

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out about listed investment companies

arrow Examining exchange-traded funds

arrow Investing with a conscience through ethical funds

arrow Growing wealth with agricultural funds

If you haven’t looked at Chapter 14 yet, I suggest you do so. Then you can decide whether that chapter provides enough excitement about ways to classify managed funds. If it doesn’t, this chapter certainly makes up for it! Hang on to your hats, as I take you on a ride through some of the more exotic managed fund categories, such as agricultural investments and private equity. I plunge headfirst into ethical, or values-based, investing, which is steadily gaining interest with investors.

I also dive into managed investments that look and feel like managed funds but can be readily bought and sold on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Managed investments is a catch-all term for investments that have similar characteristics to managed funds but are set up differently. These investments include listed investment companies (LICs) investing ...

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