Chapter 21

Ten Tips for Managed Fund Investing

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing that retirement planning is vital

arrow Finding out that past performance is no pointer to the future

arrow Biding your time to get better returns

arrow Discovering performing fund managers

arrow Managing your funds for peace of mind

Dealing with managed funds is not necessarily a straightforward process. Sometimes you need help, whether that’s through doing some research or seeking advice from a financial adviser, or, more likely, both. Managed funds aren’t always set-and-forget investments either. Giving your portfolio a regular health check to make sure your investment plans stay on track is sound investing practice.

This chapter highlights my top ten tips for managed fund investing. Some of these tips are relevant to all forms of investing; others are specifically for managed funds. Some may sound familiar and you’ve probably seen some before. I cover off points from how your superannuation is probably your most important investment ...

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