Chapter 9 Nonverbal Communication

DOI: 10.4324/9781003331490-34

Getting dressed for work used to be a snap for executive Ron Demczak. Then his company went casual – every day. With 30 suits and little else in his closet, Demczak spent several thousand dollars buying a new, sporty wardrobe. He learned to call ahead to clients to make sure he didn’t wear khakis when they were wearing suits. And he dreaded the mornings.

“I hated it because every morning I had to have my wife match new outfits to wear,” said Demczak. He is the liaison for US customers of drugmaker Warner-Lambert. “Now,” he adds, “I’m getting a little better at it.”1

He’s not alone. Robert Park is a manager at Ernst & Young, LLP, in northern California. For his firm, the switch ...

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