Chapter 2Developing Construction Teams


2.1 Team building

Team building is an essential component of the site management process. Good project managers build competent teams of key personnel that they can carry from project to project. Creating harmony and developing a good working relationship with other team members is essential for the success of the project and the company alike.

A project team may be described as a number of people who work closely together to achieve a common goal (Burke).

The development of a number of teams to achieve specific objectives during a large project is essential for success of the project.

Examples are now shown of developing specific site teams:

  • site management team
  • procurement team
  • surveying team
  • site engineering team

Relationships between the project manager and the team leaders

Team leaders are responsible for motivating their teams and reporting back to the project manager of any major problem areas.

Developing a site management team

Key team members:

project manager

site managers

planning engineer

senior/site engineer

subcontractor representatives


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