Chapter 3Project Planning – Linked Bar Charts and Procurement Programmes


3.1 Overview of programming techniques

The bar chart display was developed by Henry Gannt in 1915. Other systems, such as critical path analysis (CPA), precedence diagrams and line of balance came some forty years later.

The critical path method was developed by E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. in 1956. Further development work by Mouchley, Ketley and Walker in 1957 led to wider applications suitable for the industry. The onset of computers in the early 1960s led to analysis being undertaken by computers as a central analysis source.

The principles of network analysis are still included in construction management degree courses in order to develop an analytical approach to construction situations – long may this practice continue.

Critical path software developed by Pertmaster/Primavera is still used – although only applicable to the large projects involving complex relationships. There was no evidence of it being used on the projects included in the building case studies.

Precedence diagrams were developed to present a clear relationship between operations: ...

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