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Managing Yourself

  1. “3 Steps Toward Being a Better Leader in 2009” by Stew Friedman
  2. “Choose the Fantasy World You Live In” by Peter Bregman
  3. “Top Ten Ways to Find Joy at Work” by Rosabeth Moss Kanter
  4. “A Freelancer’s Recipe for Professional Development” by Steven DeMaio
  5. “Never Let Your Ego Stop You from Learning” by John Baldoni
  6. “The Power of Preventive Assessment” by Stew Friedman
  7. “Five Questions Every Mentor Must Ask” by Anthony Tjan
  8. “Do You Have an Excessive Need to Be Yourself?” by Marshall Goldsmith
  9. “Critique Me, Please” by John Maeda
  10. “Is Listening an Endangered Skill?” by Bronwyn Fryer
  11. “A New Year’s Resolution: Schedule Regular ...

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