Managers As Mentors, 3rd Edition

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This latest edition of the classic Managers as Mentors is a rapid-fire read that guides leaders in helping associates grow in today's tumultuous organizations. Thoroughly revised throughout with twelve new chapters, this edition places increased emphasis on the mentor acting as a learning catalyst with the protégé rather than simply handing down knowledge.

As with previous editions, a fictional case study of a mentor-protégé relationship runs through the book. But now this is augmented with interviews with six top US CEOs. New chapters cover topics such as the role of mentoring in spurring innovation and mentoring a diverse and dispersed workforce accustomed to interacting digitally. Also new to this edition is the Mentor's Toolkit, six resources to help in developing the mentor-protégé relationship. This hands-on guide teaches leaders to be the kind of confident coaches integral to learning organizations.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Beginning Our Journey
    1. Managers As Mentors, ReVISITED
    2. Why Mentoring Is Important … Today
    3. Mentoring as an Art
    4. Part 1: Mentoring Is …
    5. Part 2: Surrendering—Leveling the Learning Field
    6. Part 3: Accepting—Creating a Safe Haven for Risk Taking
    7. Part 4: Gifting—The Main Event
    8. Part 5: Extending—Nurturing a Self-Directed Learner
    9. Part 6: Special Conditions
    10. Part 7: The Mentor’s Toolkit
    11. How to Get the Most from This Book
  6. Part 1 Mentoring Is …
    1. 1 Panning for Insight: The Art of Mentoring
      1. Lessons from the First Mentor
      2. Traps to Avoid
      3. The Qualities of Great Mentoring
      4. The Real Aim of Mentoring:Mastering, Not Mastery
      5. Busting the Boundaries
      6. SAGE: The Model for Great Mentoring
    2. 2 Mentoring in Action: The Act of Mentoring Up Close
    3. 3 Assessing Your Mentoring Talents: A Self-Check Scale
      1. The “Test”
      2. Interpretation
    4. 4 CASE STUDY Every Knock’s a Boost: An Interview with Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy
  7. Part 2 Surrendering—Leveling the Learning Field
    1. 5 Kindling Kinship: The Power of Rapport
      1. The Components of Rapport
    2. 6 The Elements of Trust Making: “This Could Be the Start of Something Big!”
      1. Mentoring: Steve Allen Style
      2. Communicating Genuineness, Allen-Style
      3. Communicating Credibility, Allen-Style
      4. Communicating Anything, Allen-Style
    3. 7 The Person in the Mirror: Mentor Humility Creates Protégé Confidence
    4. 8 Inside the Mind of the Protégé: When Fear and Learning Collide
      1. Partners Soothe
      2. Partners Understand
      3. Partners Bolster Self-Esteem
    5. 9 CASE STUDY Fail Faster: An Interview with Liz Smith, CEO of Bloomin’ Brands
  8. Part 3 Accepting—Creating a Safe Haven for Risk Taking
    1. 10 Invitations to Risk: Acceptance as a Nurturer of Courage
      1. Invitation # 1: Dynamic modeling
      2. Invitation # 2: Judgment-Free Communication
      3. Invitation # 3: Rational Affirmation
    2. 11 Socrates’ Great Secret: Awesome Queries
      1. The Creative Human Computer
      2. How to Ask Questions
    3. 12 The Ear of an Ally: The Lost Art of Listening
      1. Use Raffle Listening: Focus on Focus
      2. Do You Look to Your Protégé Like You Are Listening?
      3. Listen to Learn: Be a Mirror
      4. Put Your Protégé in Charge of Cueing You
    4. 13 “Give-and-Take” Starts with “Give”: Distinguished Dialogues
      1. The Magic of Mind-Set
      2. Priming the Pump
      3. Dos and Don’ts for Dialogues
    5. 14 CASE STUDY Simply Listen: An Interview with Deanna Mulligan, CEO of the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
  9. Part 4 Gifting—The Main Event
    1. 15 Avoiding Thin Ice: The Gift of Advice
      1. Giving Advice Without Getting Resistance
      2. A Drama in Four Steps
    2. 16 Reporting on Blind Spots: The Gifts of Feedback and Feedforward
      1. Serving the Breakfast of Champions
      2. The Power of Feedforward
      3. Eleven Reasons to Try FeedForward
    3. 17 Linking Proficiency to Purpose: The Gift of Focus
      1. Focusing on Purpose
      2. 8220;Why” before “What” and “How”
    4. 18 The Bluebirds’ Secret: The Gift of Balance
      1. Finding the Teachable Moment
      2. Support Without Rescuing
      3. Avoid Perfection
    5. 19 Inviting Your Protégé to Enchantment: The Gift of Story
      1. Setting the Stage for the World of Enchantment
      2. The Context: Painting the Background
      3. The Challenge: Creating the Proper Tension
      4. The Climax: Insight through Resolution
      5. Putting the Right Spin on the Tale
    6. 20 CASE STUDY Grace under Fire: An Interview with Joe Almeida, CEO of Covidien
  10. Part 5 Extending—Nurturing a Self-Directed Learner
    1. 21 Beyond the Relationship: Ensuring the Transfer of Learning
      1. Lend a Helping Hand
      2. Be Vigilant for Obstacles to Learning
      3. Be an Advocate for Informal Learning
    2. 22 “If You Want Something to Grow, Pour Champagne on It!”
      1. Advocate, Don’t Just Celebrate
      2. Affirm Responsible Freedom
      3. Value Learning Outcomes, Not Just the Great Effort
      4. Align Advocacy with Vision
      5. Champion Growers Don’t “Affirm Conditionally”
    3. 23 Managing Sweet Sorrow: Life after Mentoring
      1. Going for Growth
      2. Celebrate with Fanfare and Stories
      3. Solidify Learning with Nostalgia
      4. Let Time Pass before Follow-Up
    4. 24 CASE STUDY Fly High, Dive Deep: An Interview with Fred Hassan, Managing Director of Warburg Pincus, LLC
  11. Part 6 Special Conditions
    1. 25 Unholy Alliances: Mentoring in Precarious Relationships
      1. Trading Power for Respect:When Pupils Are Peers
      2. Mentoring THE BOSS
      3. Humility First
      4. Ask Lots of Questions Up Front
      5. Never Resist Resistance
      6. Strive for Reciprocal Learning
      7. Mentoring People Who Are Very Different
    2. 26 Arduous Alliances: Mentoring in Precarious Situations
      1. Mentoring on the Run: White-Water Wisdom
      2. Mentoring Long Distance: Remote Learning
    3. 27 CASE STUDY Respect Everyone: An Interview with Frances Hesselbein, CEO of Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute
  12. Part 7 The Mentor’s Toolkit
    1. Tool #1: Quick Tips for Mentors and Protégés
      1. Tips for Being a Great Protégé
      2. Tips for Being a Great Mentor
    2. Tool #2: Mentoring Competence Measure
      1. Mentoring Competence Measure
      2. Mentoring Competence Measure—Self-Assessment
    3. Tool #3: Mentoring FAQs
    4. Tool #4: More Reading on Mentoring
    5. Tool #5. Elements of a Learning Plan
    6. Tool #6: The Eagle: An Inspirational Story
  13. Notes
    1. Beginning Our Journey
    2. Chapter 1 Panning for Insight
    3. Chapter 3 Assessing Your Mentoring Talents
    4. Chapter 5 Kindling Kinship
    5. Part 3 Accepting—Creating a Safe Haven for Risk Taking
    6. Chapter 11 Socrates’ Great Secret
    7. Chapter 17 Linking Proficiency to Purpose
    8. Chapter 19 Inviting Your Protégé to Enchantment
    9. Chapter 26 Arduous Alliances
  14. Bibliography
  15. Thanks
  16. Index
  17. About the Authors
    1. How Can We Help?

Product information

  • Title: Managers As Mentors, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): Chip R. Bell, Marshall Goldsmith
  • Release date: June 2013
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781609947125