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Manager’s Guide to Motivating Employees 2/E

Book Description

Anne Bruce has contributed to Managers Guide to Motivating Employees 2/E as an author. Anne Bruce addresses audiences worldwide on the hottest management issues. She has worked with business gurus and political dignitaries including Dr. Henry Kissinger, Tom Peters, and Steven Covey.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Manager’s Guide to Motivating Employees
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. 1. Motivation Is an Inside Job
    1. Motivation: Intrinsic and Extrinsic
    2. Kick Up Employee Motivation and Performance Using This Easy Assessment
    3. Using This Powerful Motivation Tool
    4. Create an Environment of Intrinsic Motivation Through Self-Discovery
    5. The Three Most Common Ways to Influence Motivation
    6. Relationships: A Key to Better Performance
    7. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 1
  8. 2. Working with Human Nature
    1. Why, What, When, and How Things Happen
    2. The Concept of Theory X and Theory Y
    3. Human Needs and Response
    4. Human Nature at Work
    5. Managers—Nurture–Nature—What We Give Attention to Flourishes; What We Ignore Dies
    6. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 2
  9. 3. Encouraging Entrepreneurial Thinking
    1. Make Everyone Feel Like a Business Partner
    2. Five Steps to Creating Entrepreneurial Thinkers
    3. Help Your Employees Feel As If They Own the Business
    4. Engaging Remote Employees to Act as Entrepreneurs
    5. The Doctor Is In
    6. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 3
  10. 4. Linking Motivation to Performance
    1. What Is “Performance”?
    2. Eight Steps to Help Employees Achieve Higher Performance
    3. Be Realistic with Your Performance Goals
    4. Expect the Best—and Don’t Let It Surprise You
    5. Taking Advantage of the Pygmalion Effect to Improve Employee Performance
    6. Performance: Drive and Direction
    7. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 4
  11. 5. Helping Employees Accept Responsibility for Motivation
    1. Motivating People with Responsibility and Authority
    2. Let People Be Powerful and Magnify Their Potential
    3. The Power of Belief: Setting “Perfect Present-Tense Personalized” Goals
    4. Redefining the Manager-Employee Relationship
    5. Helping Employees Take Responsibility for Their Own Motivation
    6. Encourage Accountability
    7. Why Do Any of Us Do What We Do?
    8. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 5
  12. 6. Riding the Waves of Hope and Trust
    1. A Surfer-Leader Brands Trust at MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc.
    2. A Profound Message about Human Potential
    3. Trust Your Employees
    4. Reinforcing Hope and Trust
    5. The Benefits of a Trusting Organization
    6. Passion Turns Zero into a Hero—Teach Employees to Trust in Themselves
    7. Let Your Employees Run the Show
    8. Inspiring Vision
    9. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 6
  13. 7. Fun and Motivation = Profits and Productivity
    1. The Aussie Who Motivates Leaders with FUN!
    2. Physiological Benefits of Humor
    3. Fun: An Effective Organizational Strategy
    4. Making Work More Enjoyable
    5. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 7
  14. 8. Attacking the De-Motivators
    1. Shooing Away the “Attitude Vultures”
    2. You Can Motivate or De-Motivate
    3. Fighting De-Motivators
    4. Step 1. Hire the Best
    5. Step 2. Retain the Best
    6. Step 3. Give Employees Honest Feedback, Praise, and Encouragement
    7. Step 4. Build Employees’ Confidence
    8. Motivating Employees Beyond Fear
    9. De-Motivators? What De-Motivators?
    10. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 8
  15. 9. Clear the Path to Employee Performance
    1. Thinking in Terms of the System
    2. The Human Side of Operations
    3. Stop Workplace Drama
    4. Developing Insight into Your Business System
    5. Adapting to the System
    6. Changing the System
    7. Caring for the System
    8. Challenge: Understand and Improve the System
    9. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 9
  16. 10. Inspiring Motivated Teamwork from the Head and the Heart 157
    1. The Human Side of Teamwork
    2. Teambuilding: What’s Love Got to Do with It?
    3. Why the Emphasis on Teams?
    4. Google It
    5. From HR Thought Leader to Cheerleader
    6. Next Man Up Management
    7. Affinity Groups, Employee Resource Groups, and Inclusion Meetings Create a Twenty-First Century Workplace
    8. Managing Self-Directed Teams
    9. Teams, Teams, Teams
    10. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 10
  17. 11. Unleash the Potential of Synergy
    1. Team Members Develop the Potential in Others
    2. Benchmark to Inspire Synergy
    3. Use All Those Brains Around You
    4. Possess the “Eyes to See” Your Employees
    5. Rejuvenate for Synergy
    6. Increase Energy and You Increase Synergy
    7. Working Together Is Organic
    8. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 11
  18. 12. Conclusion—Driving It All the Way Home
    1. Be a Success-Oriented Manager
    2. Dig Deep for Ways to Help Employees Become Self-Motivated
    3. It’s Either Motivation or Mediocrity
    4. Employee Development: An Ongoing Challenge in Good Times and Economically Difficult Times
    5. Organize a Coaching Program
    6. Find Out What Employees Love to Do
    7. You Can Be a Motivating Manager!
    8. Manager’s Checklist for Chapter 12
  19. Index
  20. About the Author