Table of Contents


About This Book

Foolish Assumptions

Icons Used in This Book

Beyond the Book

Where to Go from Here

Part I: Getting Started with Managing Anxiety

Chapter 1: Peering into the World of Anxiety

Comparing Fear, Excitement and Anxiety

Investigating fear

Clarifying the difference between anxiety and excitement

Discovering the Effect of Anxiety on the Mind

Finding out the Physical Effects of Anxiety on Bodily Functions

Understanding the Fight-or-Flight Response

Exploring Why Thinking Negatively Is a Natural Human Trait

Recognising Whether Your Anxiety Is Normal or Severe

Suffering from excessive anxiety

Accepting that mild anxiety can be helpful

Applying Mindfulness to Your Anxiety

Defining mindfulness

Discovering how mindfulness can help your anxiety

Trying out a mindful exercise

Chapter 2: Finding Out the Common Causes of Anxiety

Exploring Common Causes of Anxiety

Discovering your biology and your anxiety

Finding out the stress factor

Thinking causes most anxiety

Understanding the Influences Affecting Your Anxiety

Considering the effect of childhood experience

Exploring self-perception's impact on anxiety

Refusing to identify yourself with anxiety

Enjoying the benefits of socialising

Realising How Modern-Day Living Can Affect Your Anxiety

Stopping negative media from affecting your anxiety

Reducing the adverse impact of technology on your anxiety

Part II: Learning More about Mindfulness for Anxiety

Chapter 3: Discovering Mindful Attitudes Toward Anxiety ...

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