Welcome to Managing Anxiety With Mindfulness For Dummies. Mindfulness has ancient roots in Buddhism and other religions but is now rapidly gaining recognition as a secular practice that can help manage and reduce chronic pain, depression and anxiety. It also has many other benefits such as greater joy in the present moment, better sleep quality and less stress.

Everyone experiences some difficulties over the course of their life, including anxiety. This is a natural and normal part of the human experience. Mindfulness offers a way of managing anxiety in an accepting and balanced way, so that when anxiety does arise, you will be able to realise it and manage it and watch it evaporate in its own time, without judging or forcing it to move away.

Mindfulness also helps you when your life is going well. You live more in the present moment, are more focused and less stressed, are kinder to yourself and those around you, more willing to forgive yourself when you make mistakes, have a greater connection to the world around you and are more grateful.

I've written this book to make managing your anxiety with mindfulness achievable in your life. There are explanations for what anxiety is and why we experience it and meditations that you can practice in your daily life. Some are short exercises and some are longer, so even with a busy life, they are easy to slot into a daily routine.

About This Book

In this book is some theory about anxiety and why we suffer from it, how mindfulness ...

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