Chapter 3

Discovering Mindful Attitudes Toward Anxiety

In This Chapter

  • Starting out with the right attitude
  • Uncovering how mindfulness can benefit you
  • Unearthing misconceptions about mindfulness

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference

Winston Churchill

When starting anything new, having the right attitude toward it is important because attitudes themselves can be helpful or unhelpful. If you start a practice such as mindfulness with a negative attitude, you're more likely to give up quickly and lose out on something that may potentially help you manage your anxiety.

In this chapter, I explain the many benefits of mindfulness, discuss helpful attitudes when practising it and dispel some myths about mindfulness itself.

Discovering Your Starting Attitude

When you begin with a positive attitude toward mindfulness, you're more inclined to keep up with the practice and so find an invaluable way to manage your anxiety. Therefore, discovering your feelings before you begin the practice is useful.


Get a pen and paper and write down your answers to the following questions. No right or wrong answers apply – just try to be as honest as you can so that you can gauge your attitude:

  • What do you hope to get from mindfulness practice?
  • What experiences do you expect to have with mindfulness?
  • How long are you willing to try it for?
  • What are your current thoughts on meditation? ...

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