Chapter 7

Journeying from Excessive Anxiety to Mindful Wellbeing

In This Chapter

  • Beginning your mindfulness journey
  • Using a journal to trace your progress
  • Getting support from other people

In this chapter, I describe what your journey may be like from suffering anxiety towards a more mindful way of living. I give you tips and tricks to help you on your journey, methods for supporting yourself and also how to enlist the help of others along your way.

I use the metaphor of a journey because mindfulness isn't a quick fix and takes time to integrate into your life. Mindfulness may not reduce your anxiety in the short term, but it certainly offers a way of living despite your anxiety in the long term.

Starting anything new is always tricky, but with the right support, understanding and motivation to carry on, mindfulness can help you on your journey to greater wellbeing.

Starting the Journey at the Edge of the Forest

If you're going for an adventurous walk through the forest, you can plan it in many different ways. You may prepare yourself with maps and compasses, or you may not have a planned route and just want to see where the journey takes you.


Try to see your anxiety as normal because everyone experiences anxiety on some level to a certain extent. You need to ask yourself whether you want to continue on your journey as you are (suffering with anxiety) or consider a different way ...

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