Chapter 9

Changing Unhealthy Habits to Healthy Ones to Combat Anxiety

In This Chapter

  • Avoiding stimulants and nonprescription drugs
  • Cultivating mindful healthy habits
  • Maintaining your motivation

Mindfulness encompasses your mental and physical health, so small lifestyle changes can make a huge impact to your mood and your life. The healthier you are, the more you enhance your ability to tackle anxiety and get into the habit of practising mindfulness regularly.

You may not even be aware that certain habits are affecting your anxiety and mood – such as what food, drink and drugs you put into your body. In this chapter, I describe how you can turn unhealthy habits into healthy ones to help you better manage your anxiety.


Documenting the small changes you're making in your life and whether you notice any changes in your mood or anxiety is extremely helpful. This (positive!) habit motivates you and helps you focus on keeping your lifestyle balanced and healthy.

Cutting Down on Stimulants and Certain Drugs


When you're anxious, your brain is already stimulated. The anxiety activates the stress hormone in your body, and you may be in the fight-or-flight response (check out Chapter 1 for details). The stimulants such as caffeine and nonprescription drugs that I mention in this section can ...

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