Managing Apple Devices: Deploying and Maintaining iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks Devices

Book description

Managing Apple Devices covers a wide range of technologies that help you manage both iOS and OS X devices. This guide will teach you to formulate an effective plan for deploying and maintaining groups of Apple devices using iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. You will be introduced to a variety of Apple management technologies including Mobile Device Management, the Volume Purchase Program, and the Device Enrollment Program. You will learn the theory behind these tools and may work through practical exercises that teach you to use the tools. For example, not only will you learn how to use Profile Manager–Apple’s implementation of Mobile Device Management–but you will also learn about the ideas behind profile management, how to make configuration easier for both administrators and users while maintaining a highly secure environment.

The exercises contained within this guide are designed to let you explore and learn the tools provided by Apple for deploying and managing iOS and OS X systems. These exercises move along in a somewhat linear fashion, starting with verification of access to necessary services, moving on to the configuration of those services, and finally testing the results of those services on client devices. Each subsequent lesson and exercises can be seen as building on previous topics, with more advanced topics towards the end of the guide.

Each lesson in this guide is designed to give technical coordinators and system administrators the skills, tools, and knowledge to deploy and maintain Apple devices by:

• Providing knowledge of how Apple deployment technologies work

• Showing how to use specific deployment tools

• Explaining deployment procedures and best practices

• Offering practical exercises step-by-step solutions available


The world needs a book like this. The authors convey not only the nuts-and-bolts of how Apple's tools work but also the philosophy behind the tools. This is essential reading for anyone coming to the Apple world from other platforms. We do things differently over here and understanding the philosophy is every bit as important - perhaps more so - than knowing which buttons to press.

I commend this book to anyone starting or modernising an Apple deployment.

Fraser Speirs
Head of Computing and IT
Cedars School of Excellence, Greenock, Scotland

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Lesson 1. About This Guide
    1. Learning Methodology
    2. Lesson Structure
    3. Exercise Setup
  7. Lesson 2. Apple Management Concepts
    1. Reference 2.1 Understanding Apple’s Goals
    2. Reference 2.2 Device Management and Supervision
    3. Reference 2.3 Apple ID Considerations
    4. Reference 2.4 iCloud in Managed Environments
    5. Reference 2.5 Apple Deployment Programs
    6. Reference 2.6 Deployment Scenarios
    7. Exercise 2.1 Configure Your Client Mac
    8. Exercise 2.2 Create Apple IDs
    9. Exercise 2.3 Verify Administrator Apple ID Access
    10. Exercise 2.4 Configure Your iOS Device
  8. Lesson 3. Infrastructure Considerations
    1. Reference 3.1 Network Considerations
    2. Reference 3.2 Security Considerations
    3. Reference 3.3 Physical Logistics
    4. Reference 3.4 Support Options
    5. Exercise 3.1 Verify Network Service Availability
  9. Lesson 4. OS X Server for Mavericks
    1. Reference 4.1 OS X Server Benefits
    2. Reference 4.2 OS X Server Setup
    3. Reference 4.3 SSL Certificates
    4. Reference 4.4 Caching Service Architecture
    5. Reference 4.5 Caching Service Setup
    6. Reference 4.6 Caching Service Troubleshooting
    7. Exercise 4.1 Prepare Your Mac for OS X Server for Mavericks
    8. Exercise 4.2 Install OS X Server for Mavericks
    9. Exercise 4.3 Configure OS X Server for Mavericks
    10. Exercise 4.4 Configure Server on your Client Computer (Optional)
  10. Lesson 5. Configuration and Profiles
    1. Reference 5.1 Understanding Profiles
    2. Reference 5.2 Profile Manager Setup
    3. Reference 5.3 Creating Profiles via Profile Manager
    4. Reference 5.4 Manually Installing Profiles
    5. Exercise 5.1 Enable Profile Manager
    6. Exercise 5.2 Create, Download, and Install Profiles for Users and Groups
    7. Exercise 5.3 Inspect the Effects of Signing
    8. Exercise 5.4 Clean Up Profiles
  11. Lesson 6. Mobile Device Management
    1. Reference 6.1 Mobile Device Management Architecture
    2. Reference 6.2 Profile Manager Device Management
    3. Reference 6.3 User-Initiated Enrollment
    4. Reference 6.4 Profile Manager Inventory and Organization
    5. Reference 6.5 Profile Manager Administrative Tasks
    6. Reference 6.6 Automatically Deploying Profiles
    7. Exercise 6.1 Enable Device Management
    8. Exercise 6.2 Enroll Over the Air
    9. Exercise 6.3 Deploy Management Settings
    10. Exercise 6.4 Unenroll Over the Air
  12. Lesson 7. iOS Deployment with Apple Configurator
    1. Reference 7.1 Apple Configurator Essentials
    2. Reference 7.2 Prepare iOS Devices
    3. Reference 7.3 Manage Supervised iOS Devices
    4. Exercise 7.1 Apple Configurator: Purchase and Install
    5. Exercise 7.2 Apple Configurator: Prepare an Unsupervised iOS Device
    6. Exercise 7.3 Apple Configurator: Prepare a Supervised iOS Device
    7. Exercise 7.4 Apple Configurator: Back Up and Restore a Supervised iOS Device
  13. Lesson 8. OS X Deployment with NetInstall
    1. Reference 8.1 NetInstall Architecture
    2. Reference 8.2 Creating Network Disk Images
    3. Reference 8.3 Custom Network Disk Image Workflows
    4. Reference 8.4 Configuring the NetInstall Service
    5. Exercise 8.1 Configure the NetInstall Service
    6. Exercise 8.2 Create an OS X Image with Automatic Configuration
    7. Exercise 8.3 Verify OS X Workflow
  14. Lesson 9. Out-of-the-Box Management
    1. Reference 9.1 Device Enrollment Program Essentials
    2. Reference 9.2 Using DEP with Profile Manager
    3. Reference 9.3 Managing Activation Lock
    4. Exercise 9.1 Configure Profile Manager for DEP
    5. Exercise 9.2 Assign Devices to an MDM Service
    6. Exercise 9.3 Create and Manage Device Enrollments
    7. Exercise 9.4 Control Activation Lock on a Managed Device
  15. Lesson 10. Managing Apps and Books
    1. Reference 10.1 Volume Purchase Program Essentials
    2. Reference 10.2 Install Apps via Apple Configurator
    3. Reference 10.3 VPP Managed Distribution with Profile Manager
    4. Exercise 10.1 Apple Configurator: Prepare to Distribute a Free App
    5. Exercise 10.2 Deploy Apps to Supervised Devices with Configurator
    6. Exercise 10.3 Configure Profile Manager for VPP
    7. Exercise 10.4 Invite Participants for VPP Managed Distribution
    8. Exercise 10.5 Assign Licensed Apps and Books
  16. Lesson 11. Managing User Data and Services
    1. Reference 11.1 User Content Considerations
    2. Reference 11.2 Sharing User Content with OS X Server
    3. Reference 11.3 Limit Access to Content and Services
    4. Exercise 11.1 Use the OS X Server Wiki
    5. Exercise 11.2 Use an OS X Server WebDAV Share
    6. Exercise 11.3 Manage Open In
  17. Lesson 12. Develop a Management Plan
    1. Reference 12.1 Defining Requirements
    2. Reference 12.2 Consider Third-Party Solutions
    3. Exercise 12.1 Develop a Management Plan

Product information

  • Title: Managing Apple Devices: Deploying and Maintaining iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks Devices
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2014
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133992717